How I survived my first few days as a SAHM…

Wednesday afternoon and I am patiently waiting at home with Eleanor, waiting for the Veterans Association to come and pick up the donation that is tidily waiting on our front porch. Eleanor is dozing on the couch, I am watching North and South (most delicious British drama) and drinking peppermint sun tea. Vincent is nowhere to be seen…

I had a post-partum doctor appointment this morning and so Vince happily went over to his Grandparents house this morning while I was busy. And HE’S STILL THERE.

Or rather he’s currently at Gatorland, running around in the splash pad, exhausting himself.

And this? This, in a nutshell, is how I have survived 4 days as a stay at home mum.

Friday, my first day, was exhausting and ended with enormous glasses of wine for both Edward and I. There were a lot of tears towards the end of that particular day, some of which originated from me.

The weekend didn’t count in my eyes, that’s manageable time since Daddy is home.

Monday ended with a last minute trip to the doctor to deal with an ongoing poo issue that came to a messy, awful head in the afternoon. Stupid antibiotics are so good at messing with little one’s digestive system. And unfortunately Vince, while being the picture of health, manages to be sick on a regular basis. Monday ended with me scrubbing the carpet (that I’d just had cleaned) free of diarrhea, a few tears and a glass of wine sweetly poured by my husband.


Tuesday? Tuesday Edward and Vincent drove to Legoland to meet some friends down from New York for a day of fun. Not being too interested in lugging a wee baby around a theme park in the heat for a whole day, Eleanor and I elected to stay home. Both men arrived home stinky and tired, Vince went right to bed and there was no poop at all.

And that brings us to today. And my son at Gatorland. And Eleanor and I having this delightful few hours to ourselves. I must admit that it seems as if she enjoys a good British drama as much as her mother does…

Tomorrow we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully the rest of the week will run smooth and easy and there will be no more poo. And my son will behave. And I will not tear my hair out. There will be no poo incidents. One a week is enough for anyone, yes?

This SaHM is a little trickier than I expected… Kudos to you other mothers that do this on a regular basis. You clearly have (metaphoric) balls of steel.

xoxo a.m.

(check out THIS LINK for more terribly awesome Downton Abbey goodness)


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4 responses to “How I survived my first few days as a SAHM…

  1. I watched North and South when I was on my last maternity leave also! Of course, I ended up watching both North and Souths during that time period, but the British drama is a favorite.

    • Atlantic~mama

      I watched the whole North and South this afternoon. It was terribly delicious. Might need to watch the American one too. Inbetween Phineas and Ferb of course 😉

  2. No one can possibly understand how emotionally exhausting it is to be a stay-at-home mother. I did so only briefly as I took a very long maternity leave from my employer. I looked at the long leave as a perk at the time, but quickly realized that it was both a blessing and a curse, and (like you on that Friday you mentioned) contributed to more than a few bottles of wine mysteriously disappearing from my fridge…

    • Atlantic~mama

      It really is… I’ve got about 4 1/2 weeks left of my mat leave (not that I am counting or anything) and it’s both wonderful and the bane of my existence. I’ll probably never have this experience ever again, so I am looking at it as a lovely experience. Even though sometimes wine is necessary to keep my sanity!

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