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And so Friday, my dream came true.

Currently we (my Florida and Vancouver families) are on holiday in South Carolina. Edward has a sweet hookup at a Disney Resort in Hilton Head and so Friday we did the drive up ‘North’.

It was such a pretty drive too. Lots of pine trees, spanish moss and such… Very green and pretty. And the further North we went, the cooler the air seemed to become. Mmmhmm, it was really enjoyable.

Somehow V made it the whole way. We kept telling him we were going to a super awesome playground. Everytime we stopped, thats what we told him to get him back in the car. It was about a 6 hour drive. We were all pretty over it by the time we arrived. And then we arrived.

Hilton Head, Disney resort and our 2 bedroom villa with a balcony overlooking a pool about 10 steps away from gorgeous wetlands…

Good work husband.

We were in so late, we decided to just cook in our little kitchen instead of eating out. We cooked, we drank, we caroused (in a family sort of way). We all slept like rocks.

Friday morning we woke up. Well, Edward and I woke up  after being awake all night, kicked to splinters by Kicky McCougherson.

But that didn’t matter. Neither did the annoying discussions regarding shorts vs pants. We were going to SAVANNAH!!!!!!!!!!

Dream town for all people from the West Coast. And, oh MY GOSH, it’s true. So true.

Gloriously bricked, spanished mossed, cobble stoned, trolley’d and carriaged.

I think every single step I took might have been a historic one. Even the elevator I took was a historic elevator. Because it took us down to a funny back alley cobbled street that ended at the river. And the building was beautiful.

Things I think are beautiful:

Old brick.

Old brick structures with shadows of their neighbours still remaining.

Uneven streets.

Very faded paint on brick.

Girl Scout leaders.

Shrimp and grits in Savannah, GA

Hazy cemetaries

People with their shirts off, lounging on old dueling grounds.

Knowing that something was an old dueling ground.



I honestly feel like I just had a Disney princess wedding. Savannah was so beautiful, it literally was like a dream come true.

Let’s be honest. All West Coast people dream of the ‘South’ like it’s some sort of unobtainable thing. Like we will never get there. And honestly, it was not a place I thought I would. Moving to Florida was not something I was ever planning. But being here makes my Southern fantasies closer to reality. And then there was today.

And I can’t even put into words what it really was all about. It was bricky. Uneven. Dirty. Parts were super smelly, mostly exhaust from tour buses. There were a lot of awful touristy looking things. We rode a trolley and got a ‘historic’ tour. Terribly informative. I would recommened doing on of those ‘on and off’ tours which gives you a lot of freedom.

It was a huge jumble of history. Too much for one person to really full absorb in a few hours. I think it would have been way better to stay in the actual city. In a B&B, preferabley a historic one. Maybe even one with a ghost. A few hours does not at all even begin to illustrate what the city was about.

However, I can say very truely that I love it. It felt like Victoria enlarged. I felt at home. I must be a Southerner at heart.

xoxo a.m.




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Conversations with Vincent’s teachers:

And then a little back story so it all makes sense.

So this month started off a hard potty push. Did you know it was February? Well, it is and the potty storm starts now.

Yesterday I was instructed to bring more long pants, underwear and another pack of pull-ups. And to prepare myself for the fact that he will be in underwear only for half the day, to see how he does and to help make him aware of how it actually feels.

I haven’t had time to do that thing that Mummies with freetime do in magazines when they let their kids run naked and just pee freely so they can ‘feel’ it. Damn you Mums with free time!

So we are letting him start with a half day in underwear and then hopefully things will just go from there.

Which is where they were today. He was in diapers this morning and briefs this afternoon. Those briefs got soaked about 30 minutes before I picked him up and he wanted nothing to do with them. Or cleaning up.

“Ms Bellysol, my bum-bum get a wet. You change it? My bum-bum?” he told them.

“Your bum-bum?! Who told you it was your bum-bum?, said Ms Belloysol.

“My  Mummy told a me dis my bumbum,” he said solemnly.

And then his teachers apparently laughed at me. They had never heard that expression before. It made me feel very Canadian. Not that that is what we all go around saying but… well, isn’t it that what you call it when you are 2? In Canada?

Am I Robin Sparkling myself?

Anyways, V’s ‘bumbum’ got ‘a wet’, he got changed and then that was the end of day one of serious, hardcore, totally bad-ass potty training…

xoxo a.m.

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