The (V) Preschooler

Vincent is teetering on the edge of four right now. His hair is also teetering on the edge of enormous. It’s just too darn glorious for me to even consider cutting it short… Plus, it’s really what makes him who he is: a slightly disheveled, sticky monkey who rains kisses on his mother and father with no prompting at all.

Love my monkey!

3 responses to “The (V) Preschooler

  1. Mom

    I like this format…it’s an update on everyone!
    Cute photo…love the little tongue…

  2. I have a little on just about to turn 4 in June. He, too, is just a bundle of hugs and kisses and “I love you” statements. He says, “Oooohhhh…you make me so PROUD,” too, which is pretty darn cute. The rest of age three, though, was frickin’ ridiculous and was a flood of tantrums, tears, screams and refusals to poop in the potty…

    • Atlantic~mama

      Oh isn’t three just the best? Sounds very similar to what goes on over here too. Something which seems to be getting more and more fun the closer we get to four. Which is also in June over here. I’m scared.

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