The (Atlantic) Mama

Est. 1976, homegrown West Coast girl.


I’m from Vancouver Island, Canada. Edward is from New York.We met years ago in Japan and currently live in Orlando, Florida.

We’ve been married for almost 7 years. Vincent is almost four and we just welcomed a new little love, Eleanor, into our family at the end of February.

I started blogging right after Vince was born and I’ve sort of failed as a traditional ‘Mommy Blogger’.  I don’t hold contests or give-aways and I have no sponsors. I talk a lot about the messy end of parenthood. You know, about poop. Lots and lots about poop. And other things as well. But poop features a lot. As does vomit.

Lucky me!

I’m not shy about sharing either. Let’s be straight-up honest here… Parenthood is a dirty business. And that business is awesome. Plus did I mention I like to share?

xoxo a.m.

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