M and I went out to dinner last night, sans bebe.

M’s mum is celebrating her 60th, and we had dinner at the Animal Kingdom resort restaurant Boma. Cocktails were ordered, we both ate waaaaay too much and generally had a fantastic time.

It is a funny thing to leave him at home. This was the first time we have had a babysitter that wasn’t a family member. And since I work with both people that looked after him last night, I had utter confidence that he was in the best of hands…

During dinner, however, I was at a loss of what to do with my hands. Since generally on the weekends and evenings they are kept busy rattling things, holding very small spoons, trying to fasten diapers onto wiggley bums and holding our chubby little man, it really is an odd feeling to not be doing any of that.

(I am watching a bit of early morning Steven Seagal while I try to write….. circa 2006, and he has the worst hair ever)
Maybe that’s why I went back for thirds?And then got a huge plate of dessert??

(He’s looks like a slightly bloated Elvis, and my fingers are itching to spray some defrizzer on his head)

And probably that’s also why I started crocheting again. My hands need to be kept busy, or I do things like reorganize the pantry at 9 pm, which is just plain silly…

V and I are patiently waiting for Daddy to wake up, as we are going on an adventure this afternoon. A secret adventure. So I wish he would hurry up and wake up! And enjoy some Seagal with me…. such a great way to start the day.

I was looking for a picture of Seagal to post on here, but ran across this website and maybe its the great thing ever……So instead, I will leave you with a picture of V looking very excited about playing with Chewie….. and Chewie not looking too pleased about whats to come. Have a lovely Sunday!

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    Very nice website thank you for sharing.

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