On Sunday M took me on quite the drive…. Or I guess I should say he took a drive and I took a ride (this stuck in my head from listening to too much George Carlin).
Well, anyways…. we drove all through Polk County. The backwoods is an interesting place indeed. It was like a total time warp. Teeny little towns, all with signs directing you to their ‘historic district’.

M and I can never resist these signs, and always find ourselves driving through some slightly dodgy area of town, and then bumping over a few cobblestones down a narrow street lined with some very new looking lamp-posts…

And finding places like this…..AND it was also a discotheque…. and it was on Main Street…

We brought our GPS, which really is M’s parent which we ‘borrowed’. As in we borrowed it about 2 years ago and haven’t given it back since…. I dubbed it the “Ghetto Positioning Device” after an unfortunate experience with it a few years back. It took us through the ghetto outside of Atlanta where we saw, well, the ghetto, but ‘for real’.

It may not look like much, but trust me, it was…. punctuate the experience with several grown men riding child’s bikes which clearly they had stolen, the sound of me repeatedly checking to make sure the doors really were locked and an unfortunate red light which stopped us right next to this lovely grocery store…
And so ‘Ghetto Positioning Device’ it was….
It’s ghetto-positioned us more then once, usually with ridiculous results. I laugh mostly, when I find us somewhere ‘new’…. like the unpaved road and gas station decorated with animal heads and Dixie flags in back-country Georgia. And more recently, a ‘scenic route’ that took us past an apartment complex where all of the residents were hanging out in front of their 2 story building (or so it seemed anyways), watching us (all of them) while we carefully bumped through the pot holes on the road in front of them. The doors were locked. I checked. Numerous times.

So we end up at the Strawberry Festival in Hillsborough county Sunday afternoon and had so much fun checking it all out. It was at least 10 times bigger than the Silver Spurs Fair/Rodeo, and also filled with delicious strawberries….. and other new delicacies that I haven’t had the pleasure of yet (deep fried pickles… good? I wonder). Only $10 to get in and endless things to keep you entertained….. If you are looking for something to do this weekend, check it out!

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