I never thought of myself as powerful.

But if you would like to describe me as such, I don’t mind..

I got up early to go running the other day. On my way to my path, I disturbed a family of deer. They leaped and pranced and dashed past me so fast. I thought about them while I headed to where I was going. I imagined hooves on my feet. I ran. I went faster.

It was delicious.

And then after my run, I checked my email.

And I received an email that was amazing.

My second cousin believes that I am so powerful that he wrote about me in his blog. A blog about running.

Since I am not a professional runner, by any means. And in fact, haven’t ran a race since way before I was pregnant, I was taken-aback. Ha!! I run. I love running. But, well, I work full-time and have a two year old and my husband works 2 jobs and it is really hard to carve out a little time to make that work. Oh, and I live in Florida. and it is super freakin’ hot in the evenings. And mornings. And all the time. Except February (I ran a lot in February).

It is hard to make it work.

It’s taken a lot of work from M and I to figure out what works. And as I am blessed to be married to a teacher with the summers off, it is making my summer brilliant. Running every morning if I get up 30 minutes earlier.

As I imagine it is hard for any full-time working mother to make it work as well. It is a tough act to balance. Work. Children. Health. Wellness. Sanity. Love. Etc.

Hey you know what?

I am freakin’ powerful! Thanks Clark. I appreciate it.

To check out how powerful I and other amazing women are, click HERE

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