On a daily basis, I have interesting conversations with many many people. I would say that approx. 75% of those conversations are with people who sigh heavily and stress and ’emergency’ of some sort (I work in a doctors office).Of that 75%, about 100% of them are disappointed that we are unable to attend to their problem immediately.

As for the other 25%? Well, they are a motley mix of the elderly and the really elderly. And the really really elderly.

Can I just say that I love those conversations? They really are the most peaceful moments of my days. And almost violently peppered with ‘Sirs’ and Ma’am’s’. Oh God. I love the South and their proper ways.

Yesterday afternoon, in the middle of the “I have an emergency the afternoon before a long weekend’ never ending conversations, I had such a nice break.

She proclaimed that she was 75. And could I even believe it? Could I even?

No, I assured her, I couldn’t. And anyways, I added, that was extremely young.

She tsk-tsked me and laughed and we set up her appointment. At the end of the conversation she gave me these pearls of wisdom.

“This is what happens. Your mind stays at about 30, while your body continues to grow old. It’s very disconcerting to find sometimes that you simply are not capable of doing somethings, especially when your mind assures you you can! So I may look 75, but really honey, I’m the same age as you”.

Doesn’t that just make you think? And then re-examine the people around you?

“Thank you, darling” she laughed.

“You’re welcome, Ma’am”, I replied. I cannot wait to meet her next week. She just might be my new favorite person.

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  1. Mom

    Keep that in mind as I “get on” in age!
    Love you…

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