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Food Coma

Yesterday in 2 words? Food coma.

It’s true. It was an all day affair, mostly by accident.

During Sunday night, V had a major nighttime hysteria. He woke up shrieking, sounding just terrified. My alarm clock said 11:00. I had foolishly stayed up past 10 pm (which is just lame to even admit that it’s too late for me… ignore me). I hadn’t been asleep for too long and that seemed to be a disadvantage to me waking up.

Finally, I noticed what was going on in the other room and went to get the shriek monster. Oh my, was he ever upset. Tear tracks down his little plump cheeks. Gasping. Still crying. Ugh.

“Are you ok?”

“Ok Mummy”.

“Whats wrong?”

“So sacr”.

“What? What honey?”

“So sacr”.

He was ‘so scared’. Of the dark. Oh my god, how awful. Neither of us slept well after that. He was afraid to go back to his room, he kicked me when he was in our bed and so finally we went back to his room where I whispered things like this to him…

“Tomorrow? After we sleep and wake up? You and Mummy are going to get waffles”.

“Yes! Ok!”

“And then? We are going to go to the library and look at books”.

“Yes Mummy. Lie-bawee! Ok!”

“And the we’ll snuggles and watch a movie? Ok? Ok. Vincent go night-nights because Mummy and Vincent have a busy day tomorrow!”

“Ok Mummy. Sleepy sleeps…”

And so we started our day off with waffles at Waffle House. So. Good. I ate bacon (diet be damned!). I ate Vincent’s bacon too. He got mad at me and said “No Mummy! Mine!” and then I felt a wee bit embarrassed. But whatever, he’s two and I’m the Mummy. I can steal his bacon if I so desire…

And then we went home, I made pumpkin pie and prepped dinner. And forgot to eat. So on our way to pick up the last few things for dinner, we stopped at McDonald’s and shared french fries (with a lot of ketchup and a diet coke… (I told you this was the day my diet f’d off…).

And then I ate roast beef, roasted potatoes, gravy, yorkshire pudding and pumpkin pie with whipped cream and Talenti Tahitian vanilla gelato. Dude.

Food coma. I never eat food like this. Especially not in the last month. I am being rather strict about what I eat. And drink. and eat. Very strict actually. And with good results, as so far I’ve lost about 10 pounds. Holla!

(Although after last nights dinner, I probably gained it all back)

I slept like crap. So did Edward (surprisingly for a vampire). Too much food. And V slept like crap too (although he hated everything I made and had yogurt and jello for dinner, so it wasn’t the food). It was the first night using a night-light to illuminate the room and apparently that is an open invitation to wake Mummy up multiple times while Daddy sleeps on oblivious (as all of them do) to everything…

Tonight I am apparently having Food Coma Part Deux. But perhaps I will have better luck in the sleep department? Or a certain small person will??

Off to drift away on my pumpkin pie pillow dreaming of properly risen Yorkshire puddings delicately laced with gravy…

xoxo a.m.

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Sunday evening

Sunday night and I am home, on the couch, enjoying a quiet evening. Edward had a lot of school prep work this weekend and Vince and I spent a lot of busy time together.

Not that I don’t love every second I spend with him, but I also enjoy those times when he goes to bed early and I quietly read, knit, watch Project Runway etc and decompress.

I have the day off tomorrow. It’s Columbus Day down here but Thanksgiving up in my favorite Northern country. Last year, I attempted to celebrate it, but we spend part of the weekend in After Hours Pediatric care and the rest pumping V full of Tama-Flu and having him throw up on me.

So it’s Thanksgiving redux here tomorrow night. My day off will be spent making a roast beef dinner with yorkshire puddings, baking a pumpkin pie and taking V out for waffles at WaffleHouse (that fine upstanding Southern institution). It will be a busy, but very satisfying day. (Hopefully there will be no vomiting)

As for life over here right now? Oh lots of things going on… V is firmly anti-veg right now and I am trying to not make a huge issue of it, slipping them in when I can. He cried the other night when I gave him broccoli and cheese. Ha! Actual tears! A big ol’ pouty face and the phrase “Vincent no like it!! Vincent no like it!!!!!!!”

So broccoli is out of the picture right now, but peas and corn seem to be ok still. Food on a stick is a popular item in out house right now too.

Initially, anything that I put on a stick was devoured. I did a chicken tender covered in Almond butter (peanut allergy improv) and it was inhaled. I did a hot dog. evaporated.

Elated, I got a bit ballsy and tried kebabs with veggies. Now I should also admit that I bragged about him eating. To several people. Prior to the kebab incident.

And I believe that was my downfall… If there had been no bragging, I am convinced that the kebab would have been eatten…

As it were, that darn sentence made a reappearance “Vincent no like it. NO LIKE IT!!” and that was followed quickly by “Hotdog stick please. Please Daddy.” And so Daddy made him a hotdog on a stick and it was inhaled. Followed by a large helping of saffron rice (didn’t know he liked this, but am rather pleased).

We also hate the potty… (not even going to worry about this, just thought I’d mention it). His vocabulary is growing with leaps and bounds and his interest in books remains undiminished (this makes me so happy, you don’t even really know).

What a hodgepodge of a post this evening…

Teeny wee update and I am trying to make more of an effort to post a bit more frequently. Life seems extra busy these days. Just the way I like it…

xoxo a.m.

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