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Stupid tonsillitis

As the Black Plague tightens it’s grip on our household yet again, all I can say is “What. The. Hell.”

What the hell, immune system!! You are making me lose my faith in Vitamin C and herbal supplements.

Last week it was pink eye. The week before, M got a an infection in his tooth (I’m not going beyond 2 weeks, but I could if pushed). And now, tonsilitis? Really?

Currently I am on a steady dose of antibiotics and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with razor-blade throat, ear pain and sad-eye face. It’s a whole pathetic picture.

As I may have mentioned before, I am not the best invalid. Making myself see Dr L this morning before work started was a big push for me. And then going home early, another big deal. And then once I got home? Well, hell. I knew I was feeling really rough when all I did was crawl into bed and press start and waited for Season 3 of Buffy to start.

So I’ve been good today. So very very good. Easy since I feel like the bottom of a toilet.

All I’ve been thinking about today, however, is things like running, spin class, not being sick, giving V kisses, talking, taking Vitamin C and actually having it work, not feeling like a stinky poo toilet, eating solid food…

I am totally having a super mope-fest over here.

I am just so darn annoyed to be sick. There is just too much sickness in this little house. I am starting to think we might be cursed.

So I have been throwing around ideas for things to do to shake this sickness of our little family. So far I have come up with one.

We need a healing fairy. And I know just the person to get one from. Aunt Nancy? Can you create one for me? I’m thinking she needs a green dress, that’s what I associate with healing, the Earth, growing things and feel it will promote the right kind of energy in the house.

(I do realize that Vitamins and other things perhaps would be more practical and effective, but I really feel that it’s a cleansing energy thing. Oh!! Maybe I need to smudge the house!)

Please send healing thoughts… and suggestions on sickness cleansing…

xoxoxo a.m.

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Fever, again

Mummy? Change me. NOW.

As I type this, my eyes are closed. There is a glass of Merlot in front of me. Julia and Julie is playing on the Blue Ray. V is sleeping. I just finished sauteing some scallops for my salad.

Key phase in above ramble? ‘V is sleeping’

3 days of super sick baby, Mummy has now reached an insane level of ‘over it’.

Except, Mummy can’t be. Not like Mummy is when Daddy gets sick. Nope, with Little Booboo, Mummy is always on.

Wednesday morning was a low fever, Wednesday evening it was 100 degrees. Thursday early morning it was 101. I stayed home that day with the sick Little Man. It was awful. Fevers scare the crap out of me.

Thursday was a ‘Motrin’ day. And a ‘Tylenol’ day. And a “Mummy, I need a cuddle’ day. And that is how I always know my V isn’t feeling well, when he searches out Mummy’s lap and snuggles down.

Thursday afternoon was 102 and Friday morning was 103.2.


Jesus Christ, how can anyone’s heart take this sort of thing?

And then I had to go to work.

And M took him to the Doctor. Bad sinus infection and a molar coming in. How Dr E even managed to get into his mouth to look, I have no idea. I can barely get a toothbrush in there. One time I had to remove something(s) (paper, pennies, dog kibble, pieces of wood, dirt from the floor etc) and I swear he almost severed my finger. Baby teeth are sharp things.

So apparently those 2 things are enough to raise ones body temperature.

Sooooo… amoxicillin, Motrin with alternating doses of Tylenol, decongestant cough/nasal drops, Singulair tablets AND Pulmacort nebulizer treatments.

Last night, while I was dosing the Little Man, I couldn’t believe how many things I was administering to him. Basically 5 (or 6 depending on how the day is going)  different things. Seems like an awful lot for one small body.

Something which was rather apparent to me this morning. Let me fill you in on last night.

Last night, post-bath, as I went to diaper and pj the Little Man I discovered there WERE NO DIAPERS upstairs in his bedroom. Which actually meant that there were no diapers in the upstairs. Which meant there were no diapers in the house. Carrying a naked baby downstairs, I rifled through the diaper bag and found 2.

Oh thank god. One for tonight and one for the morning. And then M would be up (from his double shift) and I could do a run to the drug store and it would all be ok.

So this morning, at 7:30, it was not. My morning started with some hard-core grunting. Oh say it ain’t so. Say it ain’t so!! But the smell said otherwise. Of course, being that the last diaper in the house had just been put on a small bum, it only made sense to use it. Apparently immediately.

Oh sick child of mine, we now have an endless supply of diapers and you can fill them to your hearts content. Which you will. I know you too well.

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