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Say cheers


Did you know that if you take a 2 day mini-break, it feels just like a holiday?

As my birthday treat this year, M booked us into a Disney resort for the weekend. How blissful! Port Orleans Riverside was where we spent the weekend and it has all the ear-markings of a family tradition.

Friday night, we checked in and headed straight to Epcot for adventures with Nemo at ‘The Sea’, dinner in ‘Germany’ at the beer-hall and fireworks. And then a really late night family swim.

Saturday we hit up MGM, M and I tag-teamed a few rides (Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Roller Coaster). We tried Playhouse Disney.

V’s response? “No dis. NO DIS!” (‘No this’ in case you needed a translator).

In spite of this little set back, we proceeded swiftly to a delicious nap. So delicious, in fact, that when we all woke up it was time to head off to dinner. This might have been the best moment of this whole weekend.

I woke up with Little Man curled up in my arms, blissful sleeping face, melts my heart.

We still had time for a quick dip and a quick sangria and then off we went to ‘The Beach Club’ for an Tabiho-dai (My Japanese friends, how badly did I spell this?!). It was an All You Can Eat Seafood buffet and we had some serious crab, clam and mussel action. V sat so politely throughout the whole thing. Which was such a blessing

Post delicious seafood feast, we decided to hit up the Magic Kingdom. And we somehow made it there just in time for the Electric Light Parade.

V hated the Light parade, by the way. It was a shock to me too, especially since I was rather excited about it. Anyways, post-parade, we did a sneak cruise through the gift shop as a detour and ended up past the crowds and into Adventureland. Things were kind of closing down, slowing down and so we just walked up to the Magic Carpet Ride.

Oh my, we thought this would be the funnest. I don’t think I have ever been on this ride in my whole life.

And in case that wasn’t clear to us, it was illustrated by a man that screamed at us from the lineup that we were entering the wrong carpet.

M and I made a ‘what the?!’ face and looked at each other. 10 pm on a Saturday night and, well, you want to be fussy about a ride with no line and no  limit to seating? Apparently he did. Right up in our face. To the point where on e of the ride operators came over to see what the problem was.

My answer?

“Apparently it’s very important for them to sit here,” I said, “So why don’t you all go right ahead?” I am certainly not going to take shit from a cranky tourist in the middle of my nice mini-vacation. I am quite capable of having a nice holiday with my family and not being a total bastard to random strangers. We were, after all, in the ‘happiest place on earth’.

Which also turns  people into total assholes. Anyways, he had a big ol’ tough-guy pout and then said “Well FINE. It doesn’t matter to us where WE sit.’

Jesus H.

Didn’t matter to us either, but you didn’t really give us a chance to say anything. And you pissed me off by yelling at me the second the ride gate opened.

So screw you!

Ahhhh, feels good to get that off my chest. M kept side-eying me all night, you know I carry these things around with me. I was so tempted to give him the sharp side of my tongue. M can tell you, it can be pretty freakin’ sharp. I usually keep it locked up, but you get mouthy around my child? Watch it Mister. Just watch it.

Anyways… V had the most fun ever on that ride. Him and Daddy, squished in the back, both grinning like fools. V going “Wheeeeeee!” every time the carpet went up or down.

And pleasantly exhausted and full, we headed back to our room where V happily said “Mummy snuggles” and felt asleep on the bed.

So. Bavarian goodness. Seafood extravaganza. Midnight-ish pool dipping. Mickey ears (say cheers!). Tasty drinks and treats. The most delicious slumber ever. Two nights of it, actually.

Thanks honey, loveliest birthday prezzie ever

xoxo a.m.


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