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Pregnant, need more pants

Probably I need these...

When Vince was born, I very carefully packed up my maternity clothes, knowing that we were eventually planning on having another child at some point. Smart, no? And something I am sure every lady planning on having another baby does. Maternity clothes are expensive and since you wear them for such a short point of time, it just is totally logical.

So in-between having Vince and now, we bought a townhouse and moved to the other side of town. My father-in-law built a rather complex series of shelves for our garage and we loaded them up with stuff. Where this stuff came from, I have no idea. 5 years ago when I moved to the States, Edward and I literally had nothing. In a way it’s kind of impressive that 2 people (and one small person) could accumulate so much ‘stuff’.

What I am trying to say is that I currently have one pair of maternity pants that I pretty much am wearing every day. And somewhere in my garage is a huge plastic tub full of maternity cloths. And where is the question. And I am pretty sure the answer is ‘that tub over there in the farthest, trickiest, most difficult area of the garage to get into’. Ya, I am pretty sure that’s where they are.

So since I have one pair of pants, the last 2 weeks I’ve pulled a new trick out of the bag. Dresses.

This trick comes with a partner called ‘pantyhose’ that literally can go ‘f’ itself. No bare legs rule at work made me do it.

It has maybe been 20 years since I’ve worn a pair of full length hose. And I accidentally bought control top. And I fell off the bed while trying to put them on.


Anyways, Vince was rather shocked. “Mummy!! You’re a girl!” It’s not like he hasn’t seen me wear one before. I often wear them on the weekends, it’s a lot more comfortable than pants or capris. You know, since I live in Florida.

Today I did it again. This time Vince didn’t even spare me a glance. Edward told me I looked nice. And everyone at work said “Oh! You have legs!!”

And my panty hose rolled down every five minutes to rest under my belly and I left it there. And then at about 3:30, while on one of my many trips to the bathroom, I ripped them yanking them up. And did it so well that they were completely unwearable and had to be (yay!) removed and thrown out.

Are there maternity pantyhose? I don’t even know. Probably I should though… And where the hell is that box of maternity clothes? I’m going to force Edward to sort that out this weekend. I need more pants. Need pants.

Gah. And now I have no pantyhose, since I ripped my one pair. How I am even a grownup, I am not sure. Shouldn’t I at least have a few pairs on stand-by?Or something else womanly and grownup-like??

Right…. Sure I should. Let me get right on it…

xoxo a.m.

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