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The end of another busy weekend, which was at the tail end of a very busy week which was at the end of another busy weekend. Busy. Things are buys. This time of year is busy. V is busy. Edward is finally not busy (Winter holiday). Everything else seems to be getting increasingly busy.

Last weekend my most lovely in-laws took my exhausting son to SeaWorld and I went finished my Christmas shopping. How delightful.

Last week was the beginning of that wonderful time of year where absolutely everyone attempts to take a holiday at the same time at the office, which results in never enough people to cover everywhere, which makes things feel a little frantic.

Makes some people a little cranky. I, however, have been annoyingly chipper which probably means some coworkers are cursing me. I am on a vitamin/exercise high, man! I am running like a freak, doing daily vitamin D and flax seed oil and am getting B12 injections. I feel freaking amazing. And have a retardo amount of energy. And have no patience for people being shitty or cranky (unless I like you).Then you can be shitty or cranky all you like, I’ll just laugh at you a lot more. But still love you.

Anyways. Busy. Things are busy.

My son is quite busy. Here are some things that are increasing his busyness:

“Mummy!! No kisses! No like it!!”

“Mummy!! No hold a hand! No like it!”

“Mummy, am I good boy!!!”

“Uh-oh. I broked it.”

“Mummy? It’s broken”

“Mummy? Chewie broke it”

Our poor Christmas tree. It is slowly getting denuded.Well, the top is decorated with everything really fragile and the bottom holds the majority of the non-breakables. Or so I thought.  I had to trash 3 ornaments this week because they were broken beyond fixing. One Chihuahua with absolutely no legs (and I don’t know where the legs are). One snowflake. One train with numerous missing pieces.

And, brave soul that I am, I put presents from his Auntie Tamsin under the tree. So far they have survived 2 days of not being opened (apart for that one I opened as it clearly was Cheezies and I needed to eat them).

Edward gave me the raised eyebrow when he saw that. And also an almost undertone “Are you a crazy person?” chuckle. Well I’m not! NOT!! So there! They are still there. Even the one that makes noise, that got accidentally kicked this evening. And then kicked again so it made more noise. And then kicked one more time, at which point it was removed from the general vicinity to curious eyes and will not be seen again until this coming Saturday.

Anyways. I am about to embark on a super busy 2 weeks. Will post more.

love you! xoxo a.m.



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I honestly cannot believe that Christmas is 2 weeks away.

Last weekend, my in-laws took V to SeaWorld for hours. I went shopping. And today my father-in-law did the same thing. I went shopping again. So I am now feeling like I am capable of facing the holidays with shopping under my belt. I might have even finished it all. Not really sure, as I sort of threw it all in the closet upstairs without looking at it and rushed to grab my vacuum and clean my sofa before V was dropped off.

But I think I am on the right track. Now if only I can get my Christmas cards in the mail the beginning of this week and also send things to Canada in time for my family to open them, I’ll be set!!

So our tree has been up for about 2 weeks now and is substantially less decorated than it was last year. This is something that has slowly happened over the course of the last 2 weeks. Sadly some of our special holiday gifts to each other have bit the dust.

The beer mug, the glass pickle, something else that was unrecognizable as it was in such small pieces. This morning V asked me “Where his leg? Where is it?” while holding R2D2 (don’t judge). And indeed he was missing a leg. Poor R2.

Hopefully this year’s ugly ornament contest will remedy the damage that V has caused. Not that I really mind. We didn’t really need to have a complete set of StarWars figurines hanging on our tree anyways. There are many, many, many more ugly things that one could hang from their tree anyways.

And I might have found the ugliest of them all today by random. Who knew that JC Penny’s was such a treasure trove of the hideous?! I can’t believe I overlooked them for years.

I am feeling confident. Could I win 2 years in a row? Could I be on a streak? Could I be jeopardizing my win by talking about winning right now? Am I now not going to win at all??

xoxo a.m.


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