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News Flash! Or how I suck at Mommy-blogging

Not quite the same pink and perky, but they'll do...

I feel slightly horrified, nauseous and a bit like I might need a shower to get clean. And no, it’s not because I am watching The A-Team movie again. Although I totally understand if you thought that. That movie is completely nausea-inducing.

I was just cruising the intranet, googling pregnant things. And parenting things. Just clicking from link to link. It’s always a fun was to encounter the new and interesting…

Somehow I ended up on an extremely pink and cheerful ‘mommy-blog’. I scrolled for curiosities sake. And ended up reading a bunch of posts. And then clicked some links on the blog and ended up on some acquaintance’s blog. Also pink and cutesy. And clicked and scrolled there, same thing.

I did it a few more times before this horrified feeling came over me and I started to feel a little sick. Or maybe it was me just being a big bitch. But I found it all revolting.

It literally was endless posts about redesigning ones house, party planning for the under 5 set and a seemingly endless series of chirpy, cheerful vomit.

I don’t get it.

And on every single blog menu when I clicked on ‘blogs I like’, every single blog was a copy of the other. Possibly more chirpy, cheerful, pink, perky and revolting than the last.

I apparently am a huge bitch. OR I just don’t get it. Is this what ‘mommy-bloggers’ blog about? Why? Wheres the poop and vomit posts? Did I miss a memo?  Should I start signing my name with a heart? Perhaps a giveaway of some sort? Sponsors?

Or did I sidestep into an alternate reality of some sort?

To be honest, I find it disappointing. And I am not really sure what else or how else to describe it. And it’s not like I am a hot commodity out there on the net. Mostly because I call it things like ‘the net’. But at least I am real. And as real as I can be about all of the wonderful/horrible things that motherhood/parenthood has rained down on our family.

I certainly don’t mean this as an anti-mommyblog rant, but gah. GAH. I just… I guess I am at a loss as to what to say.

Please, if I ever become pink and perky, please slap me.


xoxo a.m.  (with a pink and sparkly heart)




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