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Haircuts, Celsius and Inappropriate chatter

Vince's face was WAY more violent looking than this. Baby puhleeze!


This weekend? Too many things to talk about.

Haircuts, or almost haircuts. Why my fridge’s internal temperature ‘randomly’ changed to Celsius. And what I said to my new neighbour that was just the pinnacle of “Jaime, please filter your mouth”.

Fun stuff.

Shall we start with the haircut? Lets!

Vince has an almost-mullet-slash-pony tail. The front part of his hair is currently approaching Justin Bieber comb-over, which I discovered yesterday while I was attempting to control his hair. Edward took him to school and didn’t notice. Made me giggle.

So thought was put into what to do about it. Originally the plan was Disney’s Magic Kingdom Barber Shoppe. The other option was Uncle John’s ‘Liberty Barber Shop’. And Uncle John is an actual relative that Vince has hung out with. We love John. Vince loves John, but pretends to be shy with him… He is a bit funny around strangers, so based on this, I thought this might be the better option.

There was a special kiddo seat AND a cape with duckies on it! None of this was enticing at all. This is, for sure, the first of many many MANY visits while we establish that this is, in fact, an ok thing for people to do. And by people, I of course mean Vincent.

Daddy had to demonstrate how you sit in the chair and get your hair cut. Vince was not that impressed. He was offered a sticker. Not impressed. We left. “Mummy!!! We got da hair cut wit da sissors! Ya! I like dat!” And suddenly? Impressed. And full of lies.

RIGHT. Lying is clearly something he is perfecting. And if you too want a proper shave and a haircut, check Liberty Barber out.

And so, moving on to my fridge. Well, it was on Fahrenheit. I guess that’s just what it’s automatically set to in the States. You know, since that’s what is used down here in the ‘Sauth’. Or other parts of this great country. That aren’t Southern. But that’s not even an issue.

So last month, my parents came to visit. Our fridge was Fahrenheit. And, then, suddenly, Edward and I were home one early afternoon and we just happened to glance over at the fridges digital temperature display. And realized that it was something that we just couldn’t comprehend. What were these digits? Why were they so incomprehensible?

Ah. I see. Too low. I need more numerical highness. And I have no idea how to change it back. Not even going to try. Thanks Mum (or really, thanks George. Since I know it was you).

And now shall we move on to our final installment of my non-filtered mouth?

Sometimes I wonder why I even talk to anyone…

One of my newer neighbours stopped by our place, with 2 of her children, selling Boy Scouts things. Of course we bought one. We always support them. While we were purchasing, she mentions the following: “We just moved in. Thought we’d introduce ourselves”.

My response? Do you even want to know? It’s truly awful..

“Hi!! Nice to meet you!”

“Yes, we’ve been here for about 1 1/2 years”.

“Oh ya, the YMCA pool is amazing in the summer. No, not too crowded at all. You might even meet Edward over there. Vince loves it, so they hang out there all the time”

And then?

“Yes, we have one son, about 3. Trying for a second. Not that we are actively trying. I’m not pregnant or anything, but it’s in the works”.

And finally:

“Oh my god.! Why am I telling you this!! I am SO sorry! It’s been a really long week”.


“I know EXACTLY what you mean”.

Oh thank god. Because I might have just sounded a little bit psychotic there, just for a few minutes. Good job at meeting people, Jaime! No wonder you had to join a freaking online group! You are, in fact, verbally challenged. Nice.

Oh. My. Lord.

So, there we go.

Haircut (not quite). Fahrenheit or Celsius. And not talking about rubbish to perfect strangers. I learned so many important things this week.

xoxo a.m.


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Not sold yet


I just ate a BT sandwich. It would have been a BTL, except someone (M) ate all of the lettuce. What’s up with that!!

Since when doe he eat vegetables? Unprompted?

Regardless, after all of that house hunting this evening, it might as well have been a medium-rare piece of tenderloin covered in peppercorn, with a side of blue crab. With, oh, some tuna tartar. And a gorgeous glass of Merlot…

House hunting is exhausting, as I have now discovered. I feel like we are this sort of tornado, descending on all of these neighbourhoods. We are kind of all over the place…We like it….5 minutes later, we don’t like it. Then we like it again.

It’s totally in. And then it’s totally out (neighbourhoods, I mean). AND then things join the picture that we were never expecting.

And by that, I mean Lake Nona

And the real funny thing about this post is that I haven’t even talked to M since I got back from hunting with his parents. M’s mother is so awesome, she knows how to ask all of the right questions. And is super picky, and very verbal about it too. Which I appreciate it. I love people with very blunt opinions. It’s refreshing. I can’t stand beating-around-the-bush.

We looked at a few houses in the neighbourhood, and then decided to ‘what the hell’ take a look at some town houses.

Apparently I have preconceived notions about them. Or at least I did. After seeing this one, I no longer do. In fact, I want it. Who wouldn’t?


Brick patio.

4 bedrooms.

It looks like Celebration, FLA…. which, for those who aren’t in the know, is beautiful and so out of our reach its not even funny…



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