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Family night out

So Edward, Vince and I decided to check out ‘National Night Out’ this evening. Being as it wasn’t even close to dark, this was a little difficult for Edward to be out and about in. But since, a la True Blood, he has ingested my faerie blood, he is able to handle the day light a lot easier.

What? No, not really. He doesn’t drink my blood on a regular basis. Honestly.

Anyways, neither of us had any idea what it was about. And not only that, but neither of us bothered to find out anything about it. I kept receiving emails from my neighbourhood association about how this event was approaching, none of which had any details. For a while I thought it was a ‘National Coming Out’ and then I was really confused. Then I read the email a little more closely and still had no idea.

And tonight when we went? Neither of us had any idea what we were attending. Actually, we had no idea until I googled it about 5 minutes ago.

Ours had food from Tijuana Flats, a raffle and a few bounce houses. Big high-lights included a hula-hoop contest for the kiddos and, my favorite, sidewalk chalk.

All chalk was confiscated by tweens who used it to write “I *heart* Justin Bieber” all over the sidewalks around our local YMCA (which is where the even was being held).

It made me laugh. Which I did, of course, politely out of sight of those tempestuous tweenies. God forbid we should ignite the ire.

Apparently the Nation Night Out is a marriage of communities and the police officers that protect them (and Target, so whats not to love). It was quite cute. V bounced his face off in the bounce house, we ate some tacos and drank some unsweetened tea and let V run ragged.

No bottoms were spanked (although threats were issued) and we all returned home satisfied and tired.

As this week approaches Wednesday, I feel hesitant regarding the weekend. I am minutes away from signing up for the first 5k that I have ran in about 3 years. It’s a gentle ‘easing in’ process.

I bought new socks. I am stocking up on Coconut water. Edward and V have been advised to cheer me over the finish line. I feel concerned that I won;t be able to make it the whole way? (And by this, I mean, running the whole 5 k with no breaks. Any break will disappoint myself.)

So maybe cheer me on?

It’s the Moss Park Forest 5K

What a peach, eh?

xoxo a.m.

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So this evening, I went and read something on the internet that I haven’t read in a while. I used to read it every day, as it was hanging on my apartment wall when I lived in Canada, in my 20’s.

Hadn’t read it in a while. So thought I’d look it up this evening and it was just like coming home. Reading and smiling along with every verse. For even after so many years, each line still rings true.

I am a child of the Universe.

I do have a right to be here.

And whether or not it’s clear to me, the Universe is unfolding as it should.

So every step, path and decision that I take is the right one, leading me in the direction that has already be determined for me. And my husband. And my child.

It is a funny thing to contemplate. And a beautiful thing to reread. I strongly encourage you to read it if you haven’t. It really does speak the truth.

Please enjoy reading it HERE.

And as for us down here in Florida?

Well, V has a newly rearranged room. With a ‘library’. AKA a bookshelf in his closet that he is so excited about I don’t know if I can even out it into words.

I bought it at Target and put it together this afternoon with V looking on. With every shelf I put in place V clapped his hands and said “Good job Mummy!!! Yay!! Mummy nice!”

And then every time he got the chance, he would run his little chubby hands over the shelves and say to himself “Nice…. nice. Pretty.”

How interesting is it to see these likes and dislikes develop.

So the library is now in place and instantly the room has changed from a baby room to a big boy room. He even lies down on the floor so I can change his pants. And does it so natural, like “Hey Mum! We should have been doing this from the start!”

So thank you life, for all these changes. While kind of abrupt and scary at times, I know the path is right.

The corners true and the change necessary.

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