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Third (organic)

So last night I ran a 5k for the first time in 3 years.

The last time I participated in a race, Edward and I weren’t even discussing having children. OK, that’s a lie. I was discussing it mostly with myself, but I had yet to convince him that it was the best plan he had ever heard of in his whole life. Which he now recognizes as the best decision of his life (apart from the one where he proposed to me).

Anyways, it was awesome. I ran around Moss Park, in the peaceful dark, and it was extremely empowering. Edward and Vince cheered me on. I felt adrenalized  (this, I am pretty sure, is not a word. But it sums it up nicely).

Edward showered me with sushi and champagne which, let’s face it, was rather over the top. However, I love it. I love it when he does things like that. And damn that sushi was good.

This morning, after all of us woke up at 7 am (sleep-in win for the family!), I was still running that high. (Ha! Running joke!)

I literally flew downstairs and proceeded to make french toast with fresh, hot blueberry jam, coffee, tea and a milk bottle. And then I traipsed and twirled out to the car with the boys so we could hit up a little community water park in Dr Philips.

Edward decided to take the long route with the idea that we would finally check out this organic produce place he had noticed a while back.

And oh my god. I was in West Coast heaven. That is the closest way to describe this delightful piece of property. It didn’t really look like much. And actually, they didn’t really have that much produce as it’s hot like a mother right now. Regardless…

We came away with a pound of fresh okra (that we both tried raw and adored) and some escarole. And a promise to return tomorrow for some fresh eggs,  goats cheese and some organic yogurt.

Edward and I floated out of there in organic heaven. We have been dying to find a lovely local place and this place, with it’s incredibly down-to-earth and friendly staff and gorgeous greens, was it.

We signed up for produce emails. We drove away with huge grins.

Post-water park, we all hit Whole Foods for lunch and shopping. Fresh Mahi-Mahi, merlot, coconut gelato (Thanks Michelle for sharing!) and some other assorted deliciousness later, we left with huger grins on our face.

Edward and I feel…extra powerful? Organically wholesome? Overwhelmingly delicious? Awesome?

All of the above?

It was like some sort of adrenaline orgasm. Some sort of organic overload.

Edward and I had a moment. 5k plus organics equals family makeover. Plus lifestyle makeover. Plus I might buy some new eyeliner.

Oh my god do we ever feel re-energized and focused.

So this evening, I am feeling the rejuvenation. It is an actual organic revival. Right from the very bottom of my soul. Organic like that. Human. Natural. Emotive. Motivated. Motivational.

Oh life. Sometimes you throw stop-signs, signal lights and a few round-about curves at us. But essentially? Your directional sense is sound.

xoxo a.m.

ps: I placed third in my age group. That means I am one fast bitch.

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Fourth and dreaming

Long weekend, I had delicious expectations for you. Everyone always does. I dreamt of dreaming. I dreamt of sleeping and the dreams that come with.

Alas, you disappoint me.

What is up with the 4:15 wake-up call from the Wee Man on Saturday morning? And then this morning’s 3:15 am cry-a-thon and subsequent removal to the ‘Big Bed’ for cuddles. Sleeping with a 2-year-old is a mess. Thrashing, light sleeping and dragon breath. Not from me, from the Wee Man.

Last night was a rough bedtime for him. He just couldn’t let me go. We have been having a hard time with bedtimes lately, me especially. M, apparently is a night-time God, who can make children fall asleep with the snap of his fingers.

This is intensely annoying to me as, after all, I was the one who was able to make V sleep with just the simple stroke of my hand on his back. My powers must be waning.


Anyways, Dragon breath apparently derives from when a child cries and coughs so much because they are so upset you are not lying next to them in their teeny tiny wee bed, spending the night with you that they work themselves up to a state where, perhaps, they cough and cry and maybe throw-up a little?

This is a total hypothesis.

His breath smelled like vomit, but there was no puke evidence. Anywhere. So this is where my mind went.

Anyways, it is disgusting, as I am sure that you can imagine. I not only didn’t sleep well after V and I were cuddling,¬† but after several hours of sleeping face to face and having him blow that directly into my mouth I gave up and got out of bed.

So tonight, the Fourth, is my last chance for a good nights sleep. I am just a huge selfish bitch, I know.

But it is. And right now all of my neighbours are celebrating the 4th by having a huge fireworks display that actually is almost directly below V’s bedroom. I went out to the porch and watched some of it and had a feeling that V would have been rather scared of it. He didn’t enjoy the sparkler that we waved around earlier. His eyes got really big and he made no move towards them at all.

How he hasn’t woken up by now, I have no idea.

I have high hopes for tonight. High hopes for a restful sleep, a delicious 6:30 or 7 am wake-up (how lame am I!) and another delicious 2 miler before it gets super hot.

Monday has all the ear-markings of awesomeness. *If* we can first get through this night.

See? Just like most of my posts are. Starts off on a poo note (or a vomit one in this case) and ends on a lovely one.

Gosh I’m clever.

xoxo a.m.


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