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Cocoa Beach

I was up nice and early with the V-Diddy Sunday morning. And to my surprise, so was Daddy! Usually I let him sleep as he works his second job over Friday and Saturday nights and I want him to get some actual rest on the weekends.

For some reason he was up. I was soon to find out why…. Apparently he had planned that we were hitting up the beach, which was the best plan ever. Haven’t been to the beach in forever and a day.

We live about 45 minutes or so from the East Coast of Florida, which puts us (I guess) in the neighbourhood of Cocoa Beach. We prefer to go elsewhere though. Cocoa is just to dang crowded. And touristy. Last year we found this amazing beach about 4 or 5 miles south of Cocoa, adjacent to the Army base there. Pretty empty, public washrooms, totally pristine. Perfect!

Unbeknownest to me, M had other plans. He had found a ‘historic beach’ near the Space Center and was heading there instead.

I love driving near the Space Center. After years of seeing shuttle launches on the tv and internet, it is pretty amazing to live so near to where it’s all taking place. We drove past the Space Center with M saying “I’m pretty sure I get in there for free with my teacher discount”

Holla!! We are so going.

We were discussing this so animatedly that we (I guess) weren’t paying that much attention to where we were going.

All of a sudden there was a large gun in my line of sight. As I panned up, I encountered a huge name tag that said ‘Woody’.

Woody is the hardiest, oldest soldier with the most no-nonsense tone of voice, kind of like Al Pacino¬† in Scent of a Woman (except perhaps a little more sassy), that I have ever met. Outside of a film, that is…

So hey, guess what?

We were apparently trying to drive right onto Kennedy Space Center’s grounds. Did you know you can’t do that? Yup. You can’t.

What you can do, however, is get very detailed directions to the nearest beaches (clearly this is something that has happened before¬† ). And then you can learn that the ‘historic’ beach you are looking for is located behind Bunker 33 and hasn’t been open to the public in about 50 years.


Holy crap, did we ever laugh. Woody laughed briefly and roughly , as if it wasn’t something that he had done recently… if ever.

Thanks Woody for setting us straight. And thanks GPS for taking us to a ‘historic’ beach (what even is that?!). And thanks husband, for having the best idea ever on an early Sunday morning.

Here’s a few pictures of the Little Man at the beach. I wish I had been able to catch him saying the word ‘beach’. It does, as I am sure you parents can imagine, sound a little different coming from his mouth.

But it’s the cutest thing ever to hear the chant of “Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach” coming from the back seat. “Cocoa Beach” interspersed with “Water? Beach! Water!”

xoxo j


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