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I know understand how my child feels post-immunizations. Geez-uz.

After some very good logical reasoning from my PCP, I got the dTap shot this past week. Arguments included (but were not limited to) the age of my child, the number of immunizations he’s had, the type of job I have and current rising statistics of said diseases. Really, she got me with her arguments pertaining to my son. I am a bit of a push-over when it comes to his heath.

And also, I guess, not too concerned about mine.

I had a sore arm the next day. Otherwise, I felt fine.

And Friday I woke up feeling, well, odd. I thought it was the pizza I had eaten the night before. It was that kind of odd feeling. Plus all over body aches.

And as the day progressed, it became fever and just kind of feeling ‘off’. And as the afternoon went on, the fever got higher. And I felt¬† more ‘off’ . And so I went home early and went straight to bed at 4:30. And stayed in bed until about 7:30 when the boys came home. Edward had nicely taken V out to distract him for a couple of hours.

V and I fell asleep in bed together watching Monsters Inc. at 8 pm. Edward put V in his own bed at 8:10. Edward came to bed at 10:30. All I did all night was sweat sickness, take Motrin/Tylenol and sort of sleep.

Promptly woken up at 5:30¬† by the V-man crying and Edward snoring. V and I went downstairs and watched Yo Gabba Gabba. V sang. I huddled and shivered on the couch. V danced. I made extra-pathetic faces at myself (V wasn’t paying any attention to me).

It was a crappy day and I went to bed at 7:30. And slept beautifully all night long.

And this morning? I woke up feeling great! Well, almost great. But great enough to drag Edward out of bed, feed and dress both the men, drop V off with Sassy and Pop-Pop’s and drag the Big Man off to the movies for some Harry Potter action. And a lunch date.

I am better.

But holy shitballs did that shot do a number on me. I haven’t seen a fever that high since V had the flu last year. Scares the poop out of me.

And for sure it made me think of all of the times V has had shots. How I’ve read all of the handouts regarding side-effects and carefully monitored V for anything, any slight changes of temperature, any anything.

But in terms of myself, I ignored it all. You’d think I would have been familiar with all of the signs, right? Dumbass myself.

xoxo a.m. (or dumbass, if you prefer)

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