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Summertime (a la Dad)

Summer of Dad has commenced.

This means there will be copious amounts of sunscreen used, lots of dirty socks (when those are worn at all), extremely messy hair and a haphazardly cleaned house.

Today was an exceptionally busy day for everyone. M had to work at Disney early. The boys had their first swimming lessons this morning. I had a doctors appointment, quickly followed by V having his 2 year check on the complete opposite side of town. So there was a lot of frantic driving around and quick phone calls containing hurried shouted instructions.

“Make sure he’s clean, you know, down ‘there'”

“Please dress him cutely”

“Snack!!! He needs a snack!!!”

Ok, so most of the shouting was regarding V. And it wasn’t that loud of shouting, maybe more of a brisk chatter. And it was mostly me directing my  ‘chatter’ at M. You know, since he is clearly not an adult and can’t doing anything by himself without my direction.

Swimming lessons went very well. V learned how to blow bubbles, kick and jump to Daddy on the count of 3.

My doctor’s appointment went very well too.

And so did V’s. Extremely well, in fact. V is almost 3 feet tall, weights 32 lbs and is quite the charmer. And, also to my delight, has a language level of a 3 year old. How wonderful is that!! I was delighted to hear that.


He is stringing words together at a higher level than she expected him to be and his vocabulary was a lot larger as well.

M and I did a total parental high-five over the phone while I was relaying all of this to him.

We (that would be the ‘royal We’) are also not having any wheat issues right now. We are, in fact, un-wheat-free. Wheat is living in our house again and people are eating and enjoying it. We are still on strict peanut avoidance though and are contemplating a reintroduction of strawberries. We also are having no eczema issues too. And no asthma problems. And are also not sick.

What the freak dimension did we move into? Sheeeeeeiiit!! It’s just effing crazy positive health over here!!! (although, please forget about the puke-post from Friday, that was just a sugar issue)

Well, whatever freak health dimension we are currently in, it is not the tidy dimension. The house was cleaned so weirdly that I was in shock. And M was at work so I couldn’t call him and ask him things like “Where did you put V’s blanket that I just washed?” or “Where is the NetFlix dvd?” or “Why is the carpet really really wet?” (that one I actually know the answer to).

Or “Why is there a random roll of toilet paper on the kitchen counter?”, “What’s that stain on the floor?” and “Why are  your swim trunks in the garage?”. Ok, I made that last one up… they were in the kitchen sink.

Ok, I made that one up too. They were just in the guest bathroom sink. *sigh* Kind of a letdown now, eh?

Oh Summer of Dad, how I missed you! I am pretty sure you will be better than last years. Pretty darn sure…

xoxo a.m.

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