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Trying to figure out what to blog about tonight, I asked M.

“Duh.” he said, “About motherhood”. Oh. Right.

I didn’t want to hit the obvious gong over and over since everyone and their dog would be writing about something similar. But, who cares. Right? Do you care? I am pretty sure it doesn’t bother you that much…

And you know what? It’s a hard thing to just sum up.

I’ve been a Mum now for almost 2 years and dudes. DUDES. It is amazing. And hard as balls. Tough as freakin’ balls as well. And sometimes just plain ol’ balls.

Especially if you have boy(s).

So ladies? What is this whole day about? Is it really the only day that we can celebrate us being super awesome Mother machines? Thanks Hallmark for putting a huge stamp on this day.

Well, here’s a summary of what it is about for me:

6:00 wake-up

9:00 actual wake-up… Thanks M for taking that little Man downstairs and feeding him. At 6 am. You know what? That was awesome.

9:20 am Tea-time in the courtyard. With Vince.  A Vince covered in  dirt. Who was also still in most of his pajamas.

10:45 Heading to Sassy and Pop-Pop’s to hit up the pool. Sweet. Forgot sunscreen. Awesome. Remembered flowers. Yay!

2:30 pm Vodka and tonic  as per my mother-in-law. Thanks Fran!

6:45 bedtime. By this time V was a sleepless wreck. A crying, clingy, sleepless, super-needy mess. One that needed extra cuddles. Oh Lord… how I love and hate this at the same time.

So, is this just the day in the life? Perhaps. There is more. Did you want to know all about it?

Just a taste perhaps?

Nap in car on the way home from sassy and Pop-Pop’s. Super scream bath.  I love Mummy and will not sit and only cuddle with her. I won’t drink milk. I will not do anything. Mummy. Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummmmmmmmy Mummy!!! MUMMY!!!

Egg? Egg! Papaya? Papaya!! Puppies!! Puppies yes!

We read books about Puppies. We brushed our teeth. We snuggled.

And then? Well, V cried when I left the room. And he was so tired from no naps that he was literally alseep on the next breath.

So Motherhood, thanks. With the cries, screams, wet diaper marks that look like you’ve peed your pants that you don’t notice until you go to 7-11 to buy a slurpee, extended cheese courses, red wine, more red wine and then some awesome Buffy action. I understand that this day is essentially an excuse for me to indulge in everything. Red wine. Bad tv. Toddler snuggles.

It’s a total chaos indulgence. Every single day.


xoxo a.m.

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