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So today I stayed home.

It’s called exhaustion people!! And holy crap, was I ever worn out. It was just not a good Friday, Saturday or Sunday. And Sunday might have been the worst. And it was just a whole combo of things. Sick V, sick husband and worn-out Mummy dealing with the ‘fall-out’ from both.

Yes, it is another blog about that. You know, my life and my relationship with The Black Lung.

But not totally about that, just mostly about what happened this evening that made M make ‘ick’ faces.

So we made it through a rough night. And it was a total “I need a nap at 10 am kind of day”. But the sleep I got was worth it.

And the day went on, we slept a lot blah blah blah…

Anyways, bathtime!

We did everything early tonight, early bath, dinner and bedtime. So at about 4:45, V and I went upstairs for our bath. He was pretty grimy. As I was running the water and he was running his hands through the water spilling from the faucet, I noticed the dirt-water smears he left on the tub. Must wash child.

So in he went, out came the toys and off we were.

V (while drinking from a container filled with bath water): “Nummy!”

AM: “Is it delicious?”

V (still drinking): “Licious!!”

AM: “Aw!! It’s delicious?!”

V, nodding, “Licious!!!!! LIIIICIOUS!!”

Big new word for him and so cute!! So there he is, in the tub, drinking bath water when my eyes are drawn to the tubwater.

What IS that! Oh lord. Is that what I think it is?? Oh My God. It’s poo.

Little bits of poo floating around in the tub, while V is drinking the water and saying “Nummy!!” and “Licious!!”

‘All done honey! Alllllll done.”, I chimed in a happy voice and I lifted him out of the tub and drained it. And rinsed it. And then re-filled it quickly and plopped him back in for a rinse and then whisked him out again!

I rediapered that butt up and carried him down to M saying “Did you wipe his bum good the last time?” I was assured that his bum was sparkling clean. Ok, good. And then I left a slightly damp and partially naked baby downstairs with Daddy, while I went upstairs to sanitize a tub and a mountain of bath-toys. Some of which WILL be getting thrown out.

Well, life is sure never dull down here. And that bum was clean when I put him in the tub.

And my life is, recently, filled with a lot of poop. Lots and lots of poop. Poop. More poo than I ever thought I would ever deal with. And it doesn’t even faze me now. Thats the funny part. Its all nonchalance over here. Poo all over the place? No probs!! Poo through your clothes and leave a wet mark on my shirt when I pick you up? Whateva!

Poo in the tub and drink the water?! Ok, complete vomit inducement. I am not quite at that level of tough yet..

I was going to put up some links about poo….. but, I don’t want to look at it anymore today. I hope you understand..

xoxo a.m.


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