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Please stop asking for donuts (during the christening)

Getting all gussied up for church

Last night we landed in Orlando around 10:30. I was in bed by 11 pm. Such is the blessing of living near the airport. In bed, not unpacked, but in bed with a washed face and contact lenses out.

And up a few hours later for work which, in retrospect, possibly I should have just slept through, on my couch. I was mostly coherent. Another blessing.

And speaking of blessings, Vince was blessed by Father Stephen on Sunday with his cousin Chloe, truly a mostly well-behaved event.

It sounds like I said most well-behaved, right? It’s a lie.

Vince: “Mummy, I no like this place! I wanna go home. I no like it. I wanna go. I NO LIKE IT!! I WANNA GO!!”

…is what was chanted during the ceremony. And I would love for you to guess where we were sitting. Please do. Please. PLEASE.

Also: “Mummy, I WANNA DONUT!” and “Mummy! Where’s my firetruck!” and “Mummy, I dropped my firetruck!

And then, mostly just the following “Mummy! Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy! MUMMY! Mummy Mummy!

It was a wee bit of a long ceremony, longer then I was anticipating. I can totally understand the whinging. Vince and Chloe were the oldest there, so it’s not that surprising that they were TOTALLY bored with everything.

Tricky thing, this christening. Tricky thing. The real tricky part is when the Priest asks you to lean them over the the font. But your child is, perhaps, three. So leaning is really out of the question.

It’s more like draping a stiff mannequin over a fountain… One that is silently screaming, that is. Who knew they could do that? While being politely draped over a baptismal font. Oh child of mine, you are so good at being dramatic..

It was a lovely, painful, extra dramatic, donut-wishing, fire-truck driving on bibles type of ceremony. A real special ceremony.


We survived. That is all.

xoxo a.m.

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Easter Eggs are the devil

Hug please... I'm tired and need a few

I am exhausted. Plus Easter Eggs are the devils work.

And back-tracking, I’ll tell you why.

Exhaustion really starts Friday, with one very long day of work. It was full of all sorts of ‘surprise’ things like, well, HIPPA prevents me from discussing it. But, I can confidently say it was a heck of a day.

After work Friday, I went to my in-laws for dinner with our family visiting from NYC, to indulge in a meal cooked by my Uncle?¬† (That’s what I call my husbands Aunt’s husband, right?)

And then we got home at 9pm. And then we got up at 7am. And then I went running. And then¬† we went to ‘Bunny in the Park’ in Hunters Creek. And then it got really hot. And then, well, Vince hit a wall. A wall I didn’t know he had hit until WAY after he’d hit it.


Last week we went to a local church Easter Egg hunt which was lovely. Granted, we only had time to stay for the ‘hunt’, but it was most civilized. Children were very behaved. There was no pushing, shoving or any sort of chaos at all. AND there were ponies!

Saturday? A totally different feel. It was a scary kind of chaos. Happily Vince and his littler cousin Chloe were in the 0 to 3 age group, where it was very organized and not scary at all. We waited in line, we got to pick 3 eggs and then we left the area. His big cousin Anna was not in for such a treat. She joined the millions of children that scrapped it out for plastic eggs. And was a wee bit traumatized by the whole thing. As was I. It was horrific.

I think this is the end of our Easter Egg hunts. Next year we are either doing a home hunt or finding a cute local scene.

We went home and had an impromptu nap. Well Vince did. I cleaned. And then we went back over to my in-laws house for some Easter egg colouring. Something Vince was surprisingly not interested in at all. We swam, the girls coloured eggs, Vince was extra rambunctious. We had dinner. V and the girls ran ragged. We left late and I was in bed, like Vince, at about 9 pm.

2 days in a row, which is rather exhausting. Of course I took it out on my husband. Isn’t that what he’s there for?!


I haven’t recovered yet, planning on heading to bed shortly myself… One early night is desperately needed over here.

xoxo a.m. (supratired)

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