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One of my lovely Mummy friends posted a cookie recipe last Friday.

Now let me just say that we are not a big ‘sweet’ family. Well, actually, that’s a lie. We are. And we have no self-control. And so we control it by not purchasing ‘those’ types of things, otherwise Edward and I would be a million pounds. A MILLION. And this is not an exaggeration.

I was checking out the link to the recipe and got happily sucked into the whole site. Glossy photos of food, charming writing with witty anecdotes, yummy looking recipes. I mean really, how much more interesting could it get?

So on a whim I bought the cookie ingredients on Friday during my lunch hour. I never buy a bag of M&M’s. Never. In fact, just the act of buying them made my whole body quiver in anticipation of sugar, chocolate and forbidden cookies.

“Edward, I’m baking cookies tonight, so take your time coming home with V”, I said during my frantic drive home. Frantic because of my precious cargo. and I don’t mean V (he was with Daddy).

“I’ll be home at midnight. Bake all you want. In fact, bake all I want, which is a lot…” he said. Or at least it was something to that effect.

Oh M&M’s, how you completed my last Friday night.

I baked sheet after sheet of cookies. Our house smelled mouthwateringly good. I ate maybe a bit too much cookie dough, because I was kind of bouncing off the walls when the boys rolled in.

F* me these cookies were good. I skipped the peanut butter chips (V’s allergy) but added coconut which added a nice extra texture layer to the finished product.

So thanks Cari for sharing. Not only have you introduced me to another great read, but the boys are in LOVE with the cookies. And I have somehow been coerced into baking 40 tomorrow night for some teacher meeting for the big E.

xoxo a.m.

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