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I get frustrated with myself when I feel writers block coming on. I mean, I set aside a specific time to write and fully believe I should be able to come up with something terribly clever in that time frame.pink_peeps-blog1

Tonight, however, I am feeling the pressure. And that pressure is the lure of the sofa in the living room with my husband comfortably ensconced on it, all ready to queue up the blue-ray player. Plus the pressure of Monday looming on the horizon. It is not that I dislike Monday’s, per se….. just that this weekend, it arrived rather quickly.

It is now 8:01 pm.

I can hear V’s lullabies through the baby monitor as I sit here in the dark of the bedroom and type this nonsense. It’s very soothing, and I feel my mind drifting. 8:03. That took 2 minutes to write. Shit.

Probably that drift is being helped along by the 3 sugar-rimmed cocktail glasses full of Cosmo’s that my husband made at his parent’s house for me. They were so pink and delicious. Like eating Peeps. Not, actually, that I think they are delicious. But they can be pink, some people think they are delicious and they would have looked adorable mounted on the side of a Cosmo. Anyways, they suited Easter just fine.


Amazing things.

Amazing things that people think up to do with them.

Have you been here? You should. Every day the Internet is a learning experience for me.

8:05. Shit. Shit.

Probably they are also contributing to my mild profanity.

8:07. Sh*t. Times 3.

I have given myself a time limit of 8:15, and have approximately 6 minutes left.

Quick!! Come up with something clever!

Blank. Literally, I am watching the clock change minutes, and then cursing under my breath. Clearly this will be a no picture blog. This post might be worse than last nights?

Bikram yoga tomorrow night. Any bets on what colour spandex my favorite classmate will be wearing? Pale yellow? Light orange?  Light pink? Gosh, I can hardly stand the wait.

Self imposed time limit has expired. I would totally get my pencil taken away from me if this was one of those grade 12 Provincial exams in the gym.

Way past the dead-line now. Too much time spent looking at Peeps website.

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West Coast love


I feel like I have been slightly neglectful of writing this week.

Now that I have a few moments to myself, my thoughts feel a little overwhelmed. So many things fighting to get out, I just know nothing is going to be coherent at all. But perhaps that is just all the time anyways…. My brain tends to run ahead of my mouth, and I assume that everyone is on the same wavelength as me and is following along.

My new interest in Bikram yoga is straightening my spine and filling my mind with healthy thoughts. My muscles ache, but I feel tall. And strong. And clean.

It’s a West Coast sort of feeling. A nice granola-y, wheat grass drinking, portabello mushroom burger-eating, organic cotton-wearing, Patchouli smelling, soy bean, miso soup, vegan soap-using feeling.

I think part of it has to do with my cousin moving to Central Florida. Funnily enough, who would have thought out of the 4 cousins the 2 of us would end up living in Florida when we were adults. I think it’s the most bizarre of coincidences. But then, since considering our family, I wonder why I am surprised. But I think it is a fantastic thing.

Cousin dear and I are at opposite sides of the cousin age group. I am the oldest and she is the youngest. Somehow though, we have a ridiculous amount in common. Of course it’s family bond and all that, but more as well. And I am so happy that she moved from the East coast.

And so happy that she let me drag her to Bikram. Where she sweated, cursed me and denounced our bloodline. I know she still loves me. And I hope she knows how much I love her and am glad that she is here and part of my life. Love you Cuz. Not like this…. I just love you…

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Love Affair

Still feeling the effects of Bikram on my poor body, I gave it a pass today and decided to go for a run instead.

I ran past the ducks, the hibiscus blossoms, the gator pond, the gang in blue tee-shirts on their BMX bikes, the golf course, turned around and ran past it all again.

As I pushed open the pedestrian gate of my apartment complex and hit the sidewalks of my community, I took a deep breath of the fresh spring air.

The scent of blossoms, fresh air and growing things clung to my skin like someone elses cologne. It was like I had just gotten back from a tryst with nature.

That’s right…… I am having a love affair with Spring…

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Bikram Post Script


Walking into the yoga studio yesterday, I glanced around the room and tried to decide where to put my mat and towel. Not too close to the mirror and not in the back corner so as to seem unsocial. I settled for the middle.

I rolled my mat out, draped my towel over it (sweat catcher), sat down and glanced around the room.

Some young girls were positioned close to the mirror, a middle-aged woman was next to me and there was a naked man laying face-down on his mat next to me. With a closer look, it was clear he wasn’t totally naked. Just dressed in skin-tight cream coloured spandex short athletic shorts. With no shirt on.

I am sure you can understand my confusion.

Anyways, the class started, we started doing breathing exercises and began the first few moves. I was watching my poses in the mirror when my gaze swept sideways for a second.

Full-on sweaty package in plain sight reflected in mirror.

Every detail outlined.
Holy mother.
Not what I want to see in yoga class.

But he was so earnest.

And as the class progressed, we all got sweatier and sweatier and his spandex defined more and more.

The class went on, I forgot about it but remembered as soon as the class was over and my neighbour in his practically see-through spandex picked up his mat and headed out of the studio.

Note to self: cream-coloured spandex not a good choice for any exercise at all


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So on the way to visit my cousin at work on the weekend, I happened to drive past a yoga studio.

I have been looking for a nice place to do yoga at since forever. I actually really started looking while I was pregnant. I was set on prenatal yoga, something I was sure I would enjoy doing instead of running while I was expecting.

I Googled, I yellow-paged…. to no avail….. Of course there are yoga studios around town, but none near me. Most are in posh Winter Park, and there was no way I was driving there for yoga. Perhaps I live too close to Kissimmee? Yoga is not high on the list for people who live in Osceola county? Yoga is only for Canadians and hippies and there is not enough of either in this part of the USA?? Who knows…. I thought for sure there would be a nice little studio in Hunter’s Creek, but no, there is not.

So no prenatal yoga happened, and I have been on the lookout since.

I was SO happy to drive by this place. I totally did a comical screech of the brakes, reversed, parked and hustled V in to check it out. We got the full tour. It was awesome.

So I decided I would actually check it out. I went this evening. Actually I just got back about an hour ago, and am tiiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeeedddd. But satisfied.

It’s hot yoga, which I had never done before. I have taken plain old yoga before, but holy man was this awesome.

And hot.

Super hot. And Awesome. With a capital ‘A’.

My muscles shook, sweat actually dripped off of me and puddled on my towel. I was soaked by the end of the class…. and so satisfied.

Satisfied like I ate a big bowl of icecream. I swear I could taste icecream in my mouth as I walked out of the studio.

And pleasantly surprised to find out that the class wasn’t full of farting as well!

My wonderful cousin, when I called her this morning to invite her along with me, was interested in coming at first. Until she found out that it was hot yoga, and then she made some sort of comment like “I heard everyone farts during bikram yoga. No thanks. Have fun in your gassy class!” Awesome.

I heard no farting. It did get smelly though, but just the sweat I think?! Maybe everyone was ‘releasing’ some tension.

I am going again. I love it. Sweat is good. Heat is good. Sweat and heat while being all bendy, awesome.

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