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It's raining


It’s raining in Florida….

I am sure this is all very terribly shocking to the tourists. But it is true. Sometimes we do not have perfect weather, for reals….

So the other day M, V and I were out shopping in the rain. It was a post-work excursion, a very wet start to the week and quite a long monday as well. AND I was making M come and look at strollers and a new car seat for V (who as you may know, is huge).

I got out of M’s Mitsubishi, walked over to the V’s door and opened it. The rain was coming down a little heavier than I would have liked. Especially considering I hadn’t brought a jacket or anything for wee man (bad mummy).

“I hope you have an umbrella in here”, I said to M as I hovered behind him while he unlatched V’s carseat straps. “Sure”, he said as he fumbled inside his car and hurriedly handed me something…

I looked at it. Really, is what I thought… really, this is what you have that qualifies as an umbrella?

It was a little collapsible black umbrella, faded from its permanent home in the back of M’s car. When I opened it, not only was the black material faded on the metal ribs but there was rust.

And not only that, but as I tried to open it, the handle actually crumbled into pieces and fell off into the puddle at my feet. There I was, standing in the rain at BabysRus in the parking-lot, holding the silver spine of the umbrella–no handle, just the naked end poking into my hand.

I felt so ghetto. With my ghettobrella in my flip-flops standing in a parking-lot with my child (who was barefoot and jacket-less) in the rain.

I looked at those broken pieces in the puddle and then up at my faded, rusting umbrella and ran for the overhang of the building…. M not far behind me with V. We made it safely, V was plunked into a shopping cart and off we strolled to check out, well… strollers….

About 2 minutes into our trip, M tried to abandon that poor ghettobrella in our shopping cart and walk off with the excuse of  “Ooooooooooooh!! Look at this!!!!!” Nice try Melvin! (and just for the record, that’s our last name, not his first).

It was still raining when we left and GB came into play again, poking my hand painfully the whole way back to the car. It now currently resides on the floor of the backseat (having been demoted from the trunk cover), ribs all akimbo, velcro strap not done up. It’s not long for this world now…. poor thing…

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