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As I came home from the gym this evening, I was welcomed with the lovely sounds of chatty V… Currently Little Man is babbling away and excitedly says ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ when either of us enter a room.

It pretty much melts my heart every-time he calls me ‘Mama’ in such an excited tone of voice. If I wasn’t sure how devoted I was to him, hearing ‘mama’ uttered on a regular basis has turned me into the ultimate baby slave. Since I already was (as is the whole family) this is more of a public confession than a realization.

Am I spoiling him? Who cares. M and I love watching him explore and he has free rein of the apartment (within reason, that is).
Every morning when Daddy and V go to the park, M encourages him to climb all over everything. Like he is a mountain goat. I have seen it…. I don’t play like that. I play Mummy-games. Those type of games are more ‘Let’s read a book’ type of games…. things along that line.

Daddy games involve¬† smashing things. And throwing¬† things. Violent stuff. Please God, I would like a daughter too….


Anyways…my big confession of the evening started out with dinner. M made turkey burgers. So good.

Paired with Tater-tots. Also good. Perhaps not as healthy.

As I confront M with that very statement, he immediately got quite defensive. “Jame. It’s just potatoes…. There’s no fat at all”.

I dared to argue with him . Tater-tots do not fall into a healthy category with me. They fall into a delicious category. That’s a little bit different.

Well, my ‘healthy’ confrontation resulted in M storming to the freezer and that was followed by a detailed recitation of the complete health list. “Jame, they are 0% fat… Only 150 calories per 18 pieces. AND I baked them. Jame. Healthy.”

I followed this recital with laughter. M was not amused. I was.


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Licked clean

Imagine me with tapioca bread, soy-nut butter and grape jely.... yum!

Imagine me with tapioca bread, soy-nut butter and grape jelly.... yum!

So as V gets older, and as we get closer to his first birthday I am increasingly challenged by what to feed him. And this is complicated by his wheat and peanut allergies and my determination to not let him eat any baby ‘meat’ product (disgusting). And to add to the whole mess, I work full time, my husband works 2 jobs and finding time to make homemade food is tricky.

So this last week V had been eating a lot of ‘broccoli, cheese and carrots’ Gerber stage 3 jarred food at daycare. Pretty much it’s that or ‘green beans and rice’, or ‘green beans, corn and rice’. Those are the only stage 3 foods that do not contain wheat, wheat pasta or some kind of meat. Limited, eh?

The wheat allergy is challenging. There is a very limited selection of snacks that are wheat free and I pretty much have found all of them. But the few that that he likes are getting tired, and I am looking for new things.

And that is why Whole Foods and I are best friends. Huge selection of wheat free breads and other things (pasta etc). I found soy-nut butter which tastes pretty good. A little soy aftertaste, but yummy. The website is awesome and has some interesting info on allergies and other products. Check it out…

Today we tried tater-tots and ground beef. Hilarious. M came to me in the bathroom, while I was giving V his evening bath and showed me the dinner preparations.

“Never has a tater-tot been cooked with such skill and tenderness. I treated it like it was a T-Bone”, he proudly told me as he carried it back into the kitchen.

Clean and pj-clad we returned to the kitchen for dinner.

It was the quietest meal that he has ever eaten. We put it all on his high-chair and let him feed himself and didn’t hear a peep. Well, I heard a few “Mmmmmmmmmmm’s “, but that was all. And the tray was practically licked clean. Tater-tots and ground beef were a hit.

Tomorrow we are hitting some tapioca toast with soy-nut butter. Ener-G is the best brand that I have found so far for yummy tasting bread-substitutes,

Any thoughts from other mums out there on good, easy meal ideas? I am really on the look-out for easy meal and treat ideas…


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M called me this evening, while I was out running a quick errand before dinner.

“How are you Honey?”

I feel a little suspicious sometimes when he calls me on the phone and is extra sweet. Probably as he hates talking on the phone, which can drive me nuts sometimes.

“Fine babes, what’s up??” I said guardedly as I tried to figure out why he was calling me when I had just seem him about 1 minute previously…

“Well, V just stood up by himself….. I thought you’d like to know!” he said cheerfully.

Oh my god… he did?!?! The details that followed explained things a little more clearly. He had crawled his way over to the coffee table, gotten up onto his knees and then used the table to stand up.

I drove home so fast, cursing the tater-tots that I had run out to buy. Why did we need tater-tots again? Why was I rushing out to buy them at 6:45? What is wrong with us????

As I rushed up the walk-way to our apartment’s front door I was imagining him toddling around the apartment and worried that I had missed everything. So I was pleased when I opened the door to find Daddy and V chillin’ on the floor playing with the musical table.

I went and got V a little cheesey puff and we tried to tempt him into standing up to get it….. but it only made him frustrated and screamy, so we gave up quickly…

Anyways, this combined with the fact that I found 2 more teeth (which makes 8 altogether), and that he will be 9 months old in approximately 36 hours makes me think that he’s in a hurry. A big hurry.

And I want him to slow down already and he’s not even a year old. Where did my little man go? Although as my good friend has pointed out on numerous occasions “Jaym, he’s never been a baby. He’s always looked like a little man.” So maybe he was just born in a hurry (although it certainly didn’t feel like it).

I eagerly look forward to every little new thing that motherhood will bring, but sometimes I long for the time that has passed. I feel like this as each new month approaches, and I get ready to do the next page in his baby book.

Oh my little man….

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