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Little snapshot of Florida…

Today, while M and I were waiting in our car to make a right turn I glanced across the street where there was a Walgreens.

In the parking-lot there appeared to be a fancy white convertible car and two highly tanned people were standing next to it, partially obscured by the bushes that surrounding the lot.

Mrs Tan was lubing up Mr Tan. Not in kind of way, you sickos.

Literally, I mean.

She was actually spreading sunscreen on him in the parking-lot. Smearing it all over his upper body (why was he shirtless at a Walgreen’s?) and his neck, head and face.

I was fascinated by this. Luckily, we were stuck at this light for a while and I could just keep staring.

She did his whole upper body (from what I could see over the bushes anyways). In the parking-lot. “M, what is she putting on his face?! Sunscreen?”. In the parking-lot of a Walgreen’s.

Which for my Canadian readers out there is like lubing up your half-naked body outside of  Shoppers, in Sidney kind of over by the liquor store, in that little plaza in the handicap parking spot…

Already they were the colour of mahogany. Leathery skin so leathery you could see it across an intersection of a 6-lane road, through bushes and through a parking-lot. Thank god they decided to use some ‘screen’. Lord only knows where this would have gone.

Ahhhh, Florida….

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