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Teeny tiny


Well, already I have failed miserabley at my attempt to post every day.

I tried so hard last night, but ended up in a round-robin of phone calls with those crazy Beltgens girls.

T and I enjoy a regular “Friday night wine date” on the phone. Since she’s in Edmonton and I am in Orlando, it is rather hard to get together in person to chat and sip adult beverages. After about 30 minutes on the phone it does tend to get rather ridiculous. It’s always been like that though, ever since we were kids… and alcohol was not involved then for sure.

Add a glass of wine (or two), and an hour and a half later your sides and abs are killing you from all of the laughing.

My cousin-love date with C was then finalized to both of our excitement.

And then it was 10:30. And I wondered why I was still up? Since M has been on summer vacation, I find myself going to bet later and later. It is rare that we get that much time alone anymore and even if it is just sitting quitely sitting side-by-side… it is awesome.

He loves peas, and so do I. We also like talking…. and not talking…. and sitting. Both of us like sitting too. And walking. That’s a big hit in our household.

With this teeny tiny post I hope that I appease the blog-gods and will be forgiven for my utter lapse of posting yesterday. And then I’ll post later. I swear! And it will be more exciting! And clever, possibly even witty?!

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This really will be a short post, unlike my last so-called short post that was hugely long. I do excel at rambling though…..

Just some random thoughts…

Superman Returns is not a good movie. In fact it might be awful (I am watching the tail end of it right now…not good)

M makes homemade Tzatziki and it is awesome.

I held a coworker’s little teeny baby today and now have babies on the mind even though V isn’t even a year old. Man!

I sometimes call V ‘Chewie’, and the dog (who is actually Chewie) V, and now completely understand why my Mum used to call my sister and I by each other’s names.

I ran 4 miles yesterday, my personal best since giving birth, and am mentally planning my ‘comeback’ 5 k.

The idea of a ‘RoastBurger’ from Arby’s makes me want to heave….

We saw a sign for a Clown Museum on a recent drive and, even though I hate clowns (especially Mimes) I still kinda want to go.

I miss my sister an awful lot, and wish she lived in the States instead of Canada…. next-door to me if possible…

My Grandma’s health is really not the greatest at the moment and I pretty much think my Dad is going to call at any moment and give me ‘The bad news’…..sigh….

We are heading to Canada in about 10 weeks, and I still haven’t sorted out V’s passport. Or mine. Or M’s.

This week I am really really tired.

Excessive use of CGI annoys me to no end.

I can’t stand it when live animals in films have their mouths altered to look like they are speaking…. stupid, I know, but it makes me so angry!

I am totally addicted to Facebook, which is very sad.

I need to go to bed now. I have had enough of Superman Returns and my dog is snoozing on my feet, a clear sign I should be cuddling with him (oh, and M of course) in bed. Our new King-size bed I might add….. that I am going to crawl to as I am so very very very tired

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