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Sometimes we have the oddest battles…

Annoyed with Edward's shorts in the sink again, I got ready for a night out on the town...

And I am sure that’s true for everyone, actually. Not just parents of little ones, but parents of big ones, non-parents, married couples, non-married couples. Everyone.

Years ago I can remember getting just furious with Edward because he left his shorts in the bathroom sink. Why would you leave YOUR SHORTS in the sink?! I was so mad. Yesterday, I got back from the gym, stripped and plunked my sports bra in the sink. And in my self-defense it’s because it’s bright purple, has a tendency to run and I don’t trust Edward to do laundry properly.

About 2 years ago, I remember (yes, it’s all Edward’s fault) being SO MAD at him because he would use my facecloth to wipe off his freshly shorn head. And then, not only did he not rinse it off, but he hung it back. Leaving me, unsuspectingly , to encounter it early morning while washing my face, leaving me covered in dark hair. I looked like one of the wolf people.

Tonight with Vince, it was something just plain bizarre. He was terribly wound up when I picked him up at my in-laws. And had been stuffing himself with turkey pepperoni and provolone. He chattered away happily to himself in the backseat as we drove back to our house:

“My head went boop! And then my hair was all gone. Mummy! My hair! It’s not der! It’s aaallllll gone. Uh-oh, I found one! My hairs! Der back!” etc etc

Back at our sweet pad, he dashed around like a crazed monkey. I managed to squeeze some yogurt into him and half a (don’t judge) corn-dog. He announced “I no want to eat, I wanna do a puzzle”.

So we trotted upstairs with some milk, got our pj’s on, got all ready for a puzzle session. We read a bedtime book, put on Cat Stevens and flipped off the lights. And then V flipped out.

“I want my dinnnnnnnner! I want my macaroniiiiiiiiiii! I need my dinner!”

“I want my peas and corn. Mummy, I need my peas and corn Mummy! I NEED MY PEAS AND CORN!!!”

Holy moly, where did this come from? Why on earth are peas and corn the sudden subject of a torrential downpour? And then, just like the rain in Florida, it stopped.

And it made me laugh. I waited, of course, until I’d left the room. I had to wait at least a day to laugh at Edward’s damn shorts in the sink. And maybe 20 minutes, post-wolf-face.

Sometimes the oddest battles are the best, partially because they make the greatest stories. And great stories are the cement of awesome relationships. We got some damn good cement over here….

xoxo a.m.


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I am going bald

Currently this is at the top of my list….

I really wish that I would stop loosing my hair.

I had lush, thick gorgeous hair during pregnancy, which comes with the territory. And post-delivery, it was still there.
But lately I have noticed its falling out. And not just a little, a huge amount.

And the only reason I am thinking about this is I just took a shower. And while I was washing and rinsing my hair (while I was thinking about how nice my body-wash smelt and enjoying what little time alone I now have–a shower is now like a nap to me) I noticed huge clumps knotted around my fingers. Watching it drift towards the drain was disturbing (as is the image of my hair in the bottom of the tub, I am sure). There was so much hair it almost looked like a small animal. And my hair is curly, so it was like a small curly-haired animal. Like a baby sheep. Circling the drain…. baby sheep-hair….what on earth am I talking about..

Of course I had noticed this before…. for the last 6 to 8 weeks or so. And by now, the amount of hair of mine that has floated down into the Floridian sewers has, I am sure, been the bedding in many a lovely little rat-nest bed, I can’t help but wonder when it will stop.

Because at this current rate of loss, I am sure that I am heading towards baldness at an alarming speed. Like tomorrow.

I know this is part of the post-pregnancy thing, but honestly…. when will it end please god! My imagination cannot handle the thought of all of the rat-beds I am furnishing, nor the idea that I am sending little baby sheep-hair animals to their certain death in the sewers below.

And also I just, plain and simple, don’t like seeing all of the hair. Even though to be honest my hair doesn’t really look all that thinner, but I have had enough of leaving a little trail of curly hairs everywhere I go. Not those hairs, you perv… regardless

I have had enough.
It is time for this hair suicide to end!

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