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Manners, bitch! (or how I have no patience)

“Excuse me”


“Excuse me!!!”

“Hello! Excuse me!!”

Hello! Hello!!!”

“Excuse me! Hello!! HELLO!!!”

“Hello!! Excuse me! HELLO!!”

Let me fill in the details a little…….. V and I were out for our morning walk. Today we went to the park, which is about a mile or so away, and the route we took was along a golf course, so it was particularly pretty. Hibiscus bushes (trees?) and lovely little ponds filled with ducks. This morning it was gorgeous, with a slight cool breeze.

We had already been to the park, played on the swings, crawled around in the grass, went looking for turtles in the pond and were on our way back. I was pushing him in his stroller on the sidewalk. We had had the best time ever (probably because he slept in to 7:30 this morning, one of those blessed events that makes you praise higher beings)

I was not walking in the middle of the sidewalk. I know my walking etiquette from years on the Galloping Goose trail.
I stay on the side to allow for others to pass me, such a nice and polite Canadian I am!

This shouting I didn’t even know was directed at me. I ignore anything that anyone shouts at me from any vehicle “Hola chica!!!” “Where you goin’ pretty lady?!” etc etc. She might have been shouting for about 2 minutes straight. She just said the same to things over and over and over again. When I finally turned around she said them again.

“Excuse me! Hello!!!! COMING THROUGH!!!!!!”

Some fat white woman on an old fashioned bicycle was passing me.

My crappy reply “Ya, I heard you.”

And then after she had passed me, “BITCH. Learn some manners.”

I was super annoyed for about 5 more minutes. Clearly my walking etiquette was not at fault, her cycling skills left a lot to be desired. She had a whole half a sidewalk! What more did she want?! I am of the opinion that a baby plus stroller takes precedence over everything, so you better move out of my way. I am pushing our future President-slash-SuperBowl winner, don’t put our country’s future in jeopardy.

I have no patience for people like this. AND I certainly am not going to be nice to someone who has been screaming (slight exaggeration perhaps) at me for hours (again, slight exaggeration).


Bad Movie of the Post

XXX-State of the Union

I find I watch a lot of FX-HD and they sure do have a quality selection of crappy movies. Mostly bad action (my weakness), and this is certainly one of the worst. Ice Cube is not a good actor, this is not a good plot and Samuel L. Jackson is awesome (I did see ‘Snakes on a Plane’ in the theatre and laughed my face off).

If I am home alone and I have a choice between life enriching tv programing and super crappy action movie, I will pick the action movie every time. To be honest, I am not even paying that much attention….. I just look up every now and then and something is exploding, someone is making a witty/wry comment, or Samuel L is making that serious humorless face that he is so good at.

Sad. I need to expand my movie watching, but I know I will just expand it to more really bad action movies…. creature of habit….


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