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“Happy Mother’s Day! I filled this diaper just for you!”

Mother’s Day is, I feel, the equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Another one of those ‘manufactured holidays’ hyped by card companies to generate revenue. And also, I need to chime in on that Time cover too. Just like everyone else! I know you want to read all about it. Seriously. You do.

Things I can’t stand about Valentine’s Day:

Teddy Bears

Cheap gift baskets


Giant cookie cakes

Sappy cards

Things I can’t stand about Mother’s Day:

See above list…

This past Valentine’s Day, my husband and I elected to gift ourselves with Season 2 of The Walking Dead on iTunes (we ditched our cable at the beginning of the year and use Hulu and NetFlix). We are terribly romantic. We adore zombies. We also don’t feel the need to celebrate our love one day of the year (we celebrate it on our anniversary too, so technically that’s twice a year). And certainly I don’t want to celebrate it with a junky teddy bear and some balloons. Lame!

Mother’s Day is something that I have similar feelings about. I love my mother very much and I let her know that she is appreciated every chance I get. But I certainly don’t limit myself to just one day. And I know that my family feels the same way about me. They go out of their way to show me in the little details of our everyday life. That being said, I certainly will not say no to an attempt at sleeping in. Or something heartfelt from  my 4 year old.

I’ve been thinking about motherhood and Mother’s Day a lot over the past few days, ever since Time released its recent issue with the ‘controversial’ cover. It’s been interesting to follow the various responses in the wake of the publication and to examine how I personally feel.

My first reaction was “Gosh, that child is old” and also “whats up with the chair?” and “stupid skinny jeans” was in there too. I am not in any way opposed to extended breastfeeding, it’s very admirable. It’s not something I think would have worked for me personally although I wish I had been able to feed both my son and daughter longer than what I did. It ended up being about  8 weeks for both, before I weaned them and returned to work. And with this last pregnancy, my milk supply disappeared quite quickly. It was extremely challenging for me. So all my respect sisters, to you that are able to.

I really examined my feelings about this issue and came to the conclusion that I am annoyed that it’s an issue at all. It’s just breasts. It’s just babies. It’s just children being nurtured. It’s just women doing what women do when they are mothers, so frankly whats the big deal. And I hate hate hate the way that mothers are pitted against each other in a who’s-doing-it-the-best-way type of thing. I think we all are capable of heading right into parenting guilt all by ourselves (me for sure), we certainly don’t need the media pitting us against each other.

Attachment parenting isn’t really something I was familiar with until this article surfaced. Isn’t that funny? Have I been living in a hole or what?

So I learned about it here and thought ‘huh, there’s no way I could ever co-sleep’. Other than that, seems alright. Mothers  and families in general have to do whatever works for them. So if this does, go for it. It’s doesn’t for me and that’s OK too…

I’m quite certain I lost track of where this was heading, but pretty much this is a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. I found the fact that Alicia Silverstone pre-chews her child’s food a lot more shocking than women ‘extreme breastfeeding’.

Anyways, agree or disagree with me… Totally your right!

xoxo a.m.

(check out an interesting response to Time’s article here)

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