Things we very bravely do…

And that would be taking a child to the movie theatre. Is that crazy? Are we crazy?

No, right? I thought not. I figured since he is 3 (albeit just barely) and Cars 2 just came out, this was the *perfect* opportunity to introduce the cinema to Vincent. And vice versa.

There was a lot of lead up. ‘We’ had to go to bed early the night before because ‘we’ needed to make sure that ‘we’ had a good sleep. Worked like a charm.

Vince and I discussed many things to do with the theatre the night before:

Mummy: “So it’s going to be dark in the theatre, but that’s ok. It’s not scary.”

Vince: “Oh it’s dark? That’s ok Mummy, don’t be scared.”

Mummy: “And it might be a bit noisy, but that’s ok too, right?

Vince: “Mummy, it might be a little noisy, don’t be scared, ok?”

Mummy: “And we’ll get some popcorn and a drink and special treat, ok?”

Vince: “Mummy, do you want a special treat at the theatre? Let’s get it!”

(and yes, I taught him how to say theatre.)

So all in all, he seemed pretty amendable to the whole situation. And he was excited to walk around with Daddy while Mummy got snacks. He pointed various things out in a lovely chirpy, bright voice that made everyone smile at him.

And off we headed to Theatre 7 to pick out our seat. No-one was seated at all. This might have been because it was Closed Captioned and there with subtitles for the hearing impaired on the bottom of the screen. And good thing too! (about the empty theatre, not so much on the CC-ing)

Because once we were seated, the screaming, crying and clinging began. I don’t even remember what the preview was for, something suitable for kids I presume. Probably animated.


Scream scream scream scream scream.

*eyes firmly cemented shut the whole time*

Wail wail wail mixed with one of the following “My Mummy, I want my Mummy!!” or “My Daddy, I want my Daddy!!!”

And then, suddenly Woody and Buzz Lightyear were on the screen for some reason. And all wailing and flailing stopped. This was followed by the sweetest, quietest, loveliest preview for Winnie the Pooh’s new movie. V was enchanted.

And then? Lightening McQueen and Mator burst onto the screen, larger than life.

Shrieks of delight began!

“Mummy!! It’s Liting Keen and Maynard!! My firetruck!! Mummy! Dere driving weel faster! Oh no! Finn McMissile (makes me giggle every time he says his name PERFECTLY) got an owie. He fell in da water! OH NO!!!!!!”

And from there on, we were fine. He ate popcorn and drank Hi-C. He clapped and cheered. He went to the bathroom EIGHT TIMES. I missed the end of the movie due to a sudden, violent need to pee. Even though *someone* had just gone 3 minutes earlier.

Success! Success success! The beloved child has been indoctrinated into his parents other love.

xoxo a.m.


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One response to “Things we very bravely do…

  1. Mom

    Ahhh…takes me back to the Parksville Theatre and ET…
    Only you were a bit older…and just the right size to watch the whole move from between the two seats in front of you!
    Such a great memory…the first movie!
    (btw…mine was Charlie Chaplin with Gramps!)

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