Yup. This is typical for a cousins get-together...



While I sit in my quiet and semi-lit living room, listening to James Bond and my dog snoring away, I am so content.

Despite the utter chaos that today brought, the stress my back is feeling and the side-eye that’s Vince’s Bullseye flashlight appears to be shooting me, I still feel content.

We have family visiting from New York this week. Family which includes 2 of Vince’s cousins that he was too young to really interact much with the last time the family visited. Since that last visit (which was 2 years ago) Vince has learned to walk and talk. And his cousin gained a sister from China.

This evening, we went over to my In-Law’s house for a barbeque, swimming and general chaos. Prior to that chaos, we invited them over for some chaos at our house. And chaos it was. Vincent’s Grandpa from Canada sent him a tent, which is current set up upstairs and full of every single toy he owns (on the second level of our townhouse, that is).

Tents and children basically equals a win. Add stickers? Colouring books? Super win.

At the end of that chaos, we all hopped in our cars and drove to the other side of town for pool and bbq-related chaos.

Since no naps were taken on our side of the family, by the time we got done with crazy pool rough-housing, Vince was a wreck.

He started chanting “I wanna go home. I wanna go home. I wanna go home”. And so we did. He immediately fell asleep. And I’ll just gloss over the next few hours…. he woke up, we ate pancakes, he went back to sleep.

And I LOVE this. I grew up really close to my cousins and still am. So much that I consider them my sisters. And it’s a cool kinda thing to have 2 more sisters than you thought you had.

Oh man, how I love the idea of Vince and his cousins being super tight. And since all he did was talk about them after we left, I am thinking its highly likely that it will happen.

I am happy to encourage more cousin~ness. Makes me feel a bit like an Island girl all over again. It is kind of like looking in from the adult perspective, perhaps like my Mum and Auntie did when I was a child. And probably delighting the same way they did. It really is a special thing to see your own children interacting with your siblings children. Or your Aunt’s kids. Or whatever.

xoxo a.m. (and xoxo to my cousins too)


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3 responses to “Cousins

  1. Christine

    Whatever is right….not sure what we all are to each other! I just wish we all weren’t so far away. I can totally relate…you know that my sisters are a bit (ahem) older than me so as a child I hung with my two cousins quite a bit. I was an honorary “Kelly” girl, although I was an Iadevia. They are in CT now and I wish they were closer too. But we are all lucky to have such people in our lives.

  2. Christine

    my family of 5 kids spent as much time with our cousns as we did each other. I never realized all families weren’t like that. Most families don’t all live near each other anymore so we’re fortunate that we can get together a few times a year at least. I’ll bet they won’t talk to each other on “Skype”!

  3. Atlantic~mama

    I so agree. My sister and I spent all our time with our 2 cousins. So we consider each other sisters in a way. I have met a lot of people that also seem surprised by this… Apparently is less common than I thought when I was young. Or it’s an island thing? Long Island, Vancouver island….hmmm

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