You are not stupid (despite what my child says)


Life is hard. It's harder when you're stupid.



Lots of interesting things to discuss this week…

First up? Vincent’s surprising vocabulary development. Last week, it gave me a bit of a shock and I really thought hard about where it could have originated from. I came to the conclusion that it must have been school. Lets be honest, that is where all of the negative things seem to come from.

And the phrase? Oh, it’s a good one. It sure it. It has shades of me picking up ‘shit’ in middle school and using it as often as possible. Remember Jodi? This might be the ‘shit’ equivalent of pre-school.

“You’re stupid”, Vince said, fake angrily to himself in the backseat.

We were driving home from work and daycare last week, when I hear this from the backseat. Now, I hear a lot of things from the back seat, but this was the first time I had heard a word like that.

I tried quite hard to ignore it. He kept saying it. A few days passed, I thought he’d forgotten it and then it made a reappearance. And there was an odd conversation. A conversation between Vince and his potty.

His turtle potty. The one that has a happy, smiley face on it.

He picked it up, right off of the potty where it usually sits. He looked at, eye to fake plastic eye and proceeded to say “Look at me. Look. At. Me. Don’t do that! Don’t. Do. That. You stay here. Right here”.

And then, there was some dramatic license.

“You stay here, in da dark. Ders monsters. See? I show you! It’s ok turtle! It’s ok!” It was a kind of good cop, bad cop thing. It made me giggle.

And then today… ‘you’re stupid’ made a reappearance. In the car on the way home, he whipped out the phrase.

I was SO mad. Plus, it’s stupid daylight savings time which always does an awful number on our family. Plus work sucked. So, I was not in the mood.

And so I tried various methods in the car on the way home, trying to reason with my 2 1/2 year old, something to get him to stop saying that phrase.

“Those are Mummy and Daddy words, Vince. Those are not words for Vincents to say” was the first attempt. Which resulted in more repetition of the phrase. Which resulted in the what I thought was the ultimate threat. A spank on the bottom.

Well, that threat had no impact at all. Guess what did?

“I’m going to tell Daddy what you said”.

Oh man!! I hit the big time! Best threat ever! In the whole world! I for sure deserve a parental high-five for that.

And that threat seemed to bring the rest of the threats in line. V repeated “Dees Mummy Daddy words. Not Vincent. I getta spank on da bottom. Dont’ tell Daddy!”

Nice. And all I ended up doing was looking stern and glancing in Daddy’s general direction. But I hate how this is happening so soon. Shouldn’t he at least be in some elementary school class before he learns something impolite? Or is it just inevitable?

Or maybe I am just too strict? Too strict  with language (as I am a huge pushover-slash-toughest other ever). Regardless, I disapprove of the language.

night night! xoxo a.m.

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  1. Mom

    You are doing such a good job!

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