Somehow, last night, I managed to talk Edward into not doing any work today.

Clearly I have miraculous skills, right? Despite having just finished a bunch of time off while my family was in town, a day with my big man and little man is high on my list of things to do.

So we went to the Sanford Zoo. Last time we went there was about a year ago. I think V was walking when we went. Mostly I remember eating really awful french fries and laughing over the term ‘Herpetologist’. I do understand that this is a real word. Honestly. But, as per usual, I am 5 years old.

Anyways, we had a lovely time. V enjoyed himself immensely.

After V went to bed this evening, I went and got a box out of my closet. This was something that my mother had brought with her from Canada and gave to me the night that they arrived. It was something that, once opened, we moved to a safe Vincent-free storage area as I didn’t want him touching and/or potentially breaking it.

Bare minimum back story is my Grandmother has been in assisted living for about a year right now. She has dementia, which seems to be getting progressively worse. When my Mum helped move her into where she currently is, this was something that she came across during the post-move clean up that was crumpled up and stuffed somewhere like a piece of garbage.

She saved it and surprised me with it as a gift after they landed last month.

So cool. So amazingly cool.

So what it is, is my Great Grandfather’s hand woven and embroidered baby bib.

His name was Theodore Moilliett, which was cross-stitched along the bottom of the bib. The material itself looks like it was hand-woven. It doesn’t look like a machine-made fabric. It has a very delicate and partially disintegrating fringe along the bottom. It is delicate. It is stained. It has creases.

I love every little part of it. It’s pretty damn cool to have a piece of family heritage hanging up in my dining room. Especially since a few months ago I was bemoaning the lack of hand-me-down family furniture and treasures in our American house.

If we were in Canada, I can guarantee that we would have someones old table and chairs, plus whatever other old lovely things that needed a home. As it were, Edwards parents gave us a gorgeous old curio cabinet of theirs a few months ago and that has really made me feel a lot better.

Anyways, just a neat side note amongst the millions of stories and observations post-holiday…

xoxo a.m.


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2 responses to “Bib

  1. Fran

    that is so cool. What a nice thing to have. Could you frame it?

  2. Mom

    Lovely story honey…and so cute…there is a picture of you taking a picture in the reflection on the glass!

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