Damn slacker

This is what the inside of my nook looks like.

That would be me. The slacker.

I mean honestly, who do I think I am! And that said. Did you miss me?? You did?! Oh, how I feel so loved.

The truth? Well, the truth is that Edward bought me a nook for Christmas.

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a reading machine. Like an actual machine. I speed read. Plus, I am impatient. So I have issues with ordering books from the library because I want to read them NOW.

And also, I have a 2 1/2 year old, which makes trips to the physical library rather trying.  Mostly there is a lot of running when we visit, which isn’t exactly what the library is intended for. Sometimes I am able to grab a book as we speed past a shelf, but that is a rare occasion.

Edward and I have had a lot of conversations regarding my dirty little habit. Mostly, it involves the money I have invested in it. Invested mostly at Target. In the teen fiction section. On books with vampires in them. (Yes, it’s sad. I know. And also, I am not a ‘teen’. Unless you count being in my mid-thirties as teen.)

“There are such things as libraries, Jame. You don’t have to physically buy each book you read”.

Yes. Thank you Captain Obvious. That was a very helpful statement. Please be sure to include ‘impatient’ and ‘has no patience’ in your equation of ‘wife plus books’.

It will be helpful. It might finally answer those questions you have about me.

Anyways, all I have been doing since Christmas is reading. It’s insane!

The majority of the Vampire Academy series. And I am now on book 2 of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. And that, my friends, is just like coming home. Since I have been reading Robert Jordan since I was in my teens and its bit of a bonding thing for Edward and I. (Japan. Say no more).

It is just eating up hours of my life, in an extremely delicious way. It comes to work with me and entertains me on my lunch break. It goes to the gym and balances nicely on my treadmill. And while I put V to bed, it melds nicely with Cat Stevens. And whenever I have a free moment, it bats it’s suggestive eyes at me and I slink on over for some loving.

I feel a bit like I am carrying around my own personal library which is a huge trip.

And so it’s just been a whole huge super indulgence.

Me, my nook, a few candles, a glass of wine. Can you just see the romance developing?

And that is why I am a huge slacker.

But I still love you. And so does my nook. But I love you more. And oh, the stories I have. Potty training, Christmas,  2 1/2 year old conversations… etc etc etc

love love love

xoxoxo a.m.


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2 responses to “Damn slacker

  1. cuz

    Are books cheaper on a book? I do kindle on my phone and it gets expensive. 7-12 per book..

    • Atlantic~mama

      I doubt they are cheaper, but Edward has found some way to download a million of them for free. And you can get them from the library too for free. Haven’t completely figured that part out yet. But if you bring a flash drive over, I can hook you up with a pile of ebooks!

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