Delightful V

Ever since V was born, Christmas as been a real trip.

2008 he was 6 months old. I snugged him up in the cutest red plaid pj’s you have ever seen and we admired the tree and it’s twinkley lights together. We ignored my morning hair.

2009, V was 18 months and had been walking for about 2 of those. That year, we got a real tree. And put it up on a table to avoid curious fingers. We had a Christmas Elmo doll and V was spoiled rotten by everyone. And we ignored my morning hair again.

Here we are again. V is 2 1/2. Our fake tree has made a reappearance. All of my ‘special’ ornaments (the ones that my Grandmothers both gave me as a little girl) are on our mini-tree that is WAY up high on the top of a bookcase.

“Santa’s coming Mummy!!”

“Mummy look!! Santa lights!!”

“Mummy? Santa, reindeer, snowman, candy, two three FOUR!!”

“Mummy? Am I good boy!”

“Chewie good boy too. Santa coming!”

Honestly, he never stops talking about anything ever. But Santa is a new, interesting and obsessive development. He sees Santa everywhere. And he wants to ‘find’ him everywhere we go. Either him or The Grinch. Although, we are only allowed to just find The Grinch. God forbid that we should watch a movie with him. Or see him in person. We are only allowed to see him on billboards and look at him on the Christmas tree.

This is the year that I think will be completely different from the last 2. And I am pretty excited to be honest.

The baby is finally not a baby anymore. He is a miniature person, with big big thoughts and ideas. With curious eyes and mind. Watching him, you can literally see the creation of ideas, dreams and memories.

What a marvelous time of year to be a child! All I want to do is spend every minute of this lovely season with him. Building gingerbread trains, Xmas painting, cold late night walks for Santa light viewing, hot chocolate with marshmallows, endless never-ending cold weather snuggles…

Oh god, I love this time of the year…

xoxo a.m.

ps: I haven’t forgotten my morning hair. Although this year, there will be two of us with matching locks that are mess-tastic… Finally my son, finally…


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2 responses to “Delightful V

  1. marlene

    Hey Jaime,

    Ok Todd and I feel the exact same way about Christmases past versus this next one. I said to Todd the other day that I feel like it’s the girls’ first Christmas ever because they are soooo into it. The past 2 Christmases have been great, but they’ve been pretty uninvolved, but this Christmas…holy crap you can’t stop them talking about Santa, reindeer, presents, lights, ornaments….the list goes on. They just turned 3 and it’s like their whole world just opened up.

    We’re finding it pretty fantastic too….little people, with their own thoughts, their own little mind wheels whirring about, with the best conversations ever. Funny that.

    Have a great December….I’m a complete sucker for Christmas too….grrrr I just love it.

    Love Marlene

  2. Atlantic~mama

    Being a parent is just the most amazing, endless journey of discovery for us, eh? I am honestly just enchanted with everything that comes out of V’s mouth these days. He says the most hilarious things…
    This time of year has always been a favorite of mine, but seeing how involved V is this year. Well, it makes me wish it would never end. I LOVE listening to him chatter on and on about Santa, Reindeer, lights etc.
    xoxo to you and yours my dear!

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