My mini-holiday is over and so is  my vow of silence. Not that I really had one, but just that there were so many other things going on over here in Family-land that it just wasn’t possible.

I spent some wonderful quality time with Edward and Vince. I finished painting my bathroom. I started and completed redecorating V’s bedroom. The Christmas tree is up and decorated. Lights are hung all over the exterior of our place.

And post-turkey feast, I am feeling rather festive.

Feeling brave, and hoping that I would avoid any remnants of Black Friday, V and I headed off this morning to do some shopping. And maybe see Santa. That was the bribe anyways. The bribe to get V out of the house and also out of his monster feet-shaped slippers which he insisted on wearing out of the house.

Now, hands down, Millenia Mall has the best Santa ever. Always has. And the most beautiful Santa set-up. Let’s just say that I am not the only person that thinks that as there was a 2 hour wait.

Literally the moment I joined the line, not only did people fall in behind, but V instantaneously started fussing. We left. To be attempted another time, perhaps earlier in the day and not on a Sunday.

Shopping with a 2 year old is laughable. Really. Just laughable. As in what was I thinking! Hahahahahahahahahaha… in retrospect, this is the only response to someone thinking things like that.

I bought nothing.

Good start on my holiday shopping, eh?

Vince has developed some interesting ways of letting me know that he is ‘over’ whatever it is that I am doing. He turns into a noodle, shrieks, collapses dramatically on the floor and is totally unresponsive to anything from me. Sometimes he shrieks “Don’t do that!” at me while wailing.

This is completely resistant to any bribes, cajoling or threats.

It. Is. Awful.

So I am dealing with it by not responding. That is correct. I am nonchalantly carrying a wailing noodle around stores over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. A wailing, twisting, flailing, kicking noodle.

He is currently 2 weeks away from 2 1/2. So 6 1/2 months away from 3 years old. Please pray that all 4 of us (the dog included) survive. I have heard rumors that 3 is significantly less worse than 2 ad I can only hope this is true.

xoxoxo a.m. (who is developing some big biceps from hauling around 35 lbs of thrashing toddler)

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