Update: The only thing about the potty that is even happening is flushing. We like flushing thing(s). So far, just toilet paper. And hopefully, apart from poop, this is where it will stop. (ie: please god, no action figures/food/items/etc).

So this week was one of those graduating scales. Backwards. Things went from worse to better. Better~ish. Which is not a word.

Things were very very bad post-time change. BAD. No eating. Lots of fighting. Spanked bottoms (which I am not a fan of, for the record).


And then? Wednesday came and things got just a little better. Food was eaten. This, in of itself, was enough for me to high-five myself.  Then V went to bed with a huge fat tummy and woke up in  a good mood.

And then Thursday? He ate: A whole banana, a whole mini-quesadilla, a whole cheese stick, a huge plate of veggies. And then some apple slices.

Holy crap.

Friday? We went to a Magic game and Edward’s parents fed him.

And tonight? He ate 5 mini-cheese pizza bagels. While watching Yo Gabba Gabba and abstractly shouting “Yo!! Gab!! A!! Gab! A!”

How bizarre. It really was. It was like a huge about face personality-wise. And still when I think about it, I am confused.

It was a mid-week bi-polar abrupto. Which makes me wonder things like ‘Do parents with different star signs create children who absorb those ‘being’ and that combo plus their unique star sign creates them?’

Or is that really just to darn embarrassing to even be reality?

Because I think that sometimes, if that is the truth, then Vince is a perfect combo of the two of us. And by perfect? I actually mean perfect. Which means he is perfect. Which he is. Make sense?


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