My house is currently very quiet. How delightful.

I am practically rolling around in the quiet, much like my dog does in Edward’s dirty shirts and socks. I want to be covered in quiet, I want the stank of quiet all over me.

Yesterday was a long day, one which was the capper on a long week. Not long work-wise, just long life-wise. It was such a long and exhausting week, in fact, that Edward poured us each a shot of vodka once Wee Beastie was asleep. Couldn’t have told you the last time I did a shot in my own place if you paid me money…

20 minutes later and 1/2 a Strong Bow later, I was done for the night. It was about 8:40. And this morning I had a wee hangover. Ha! Hilarious, eh?

Yesterday was bookmarked with vomit and punctuated with diarrhea (V-related). And crying. And snot. But also no fevers or any other signs of anything else going on. Another mysterious, (probably) daycare related incident.

I did a lot of laundry. We all slept poorly. The upstairs is still a bit stinky…

And today we were super busy: Epcot, Harvest festival in Oakland and then another at Vincent’s school. Several temper tantrums in the later half of the day, a disappointing lack of interest in dinner, a quick bed-time and one slightly warm hotdog eaten over the sink with cheese whizz and I am finally quiet in my soul.

And almost quiet in my mind too.

Mmmmmm…. night night…

xoxo a.m.

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One response to “Quiet

  1. Mom

    Very savory………!
    Looking forward to a Skype tom.

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