Damn. It.

Update: Nothing potty-wise going on over here. Except for announcements of “Peepee Bathtub” and my response of “No honey, peepee potty” and his response of “No. NO! Peepee bathtub!!!” Great. Just great.

Vince is heading back to school on Monday. Yes, it’s Florida, we do things waaaaaay earlier than you Northern parts. And by school I really mean Christian-based Daycare that included VPK. And by Northern parts I mean Canada. And I guess I’ll thrown New York in the mix too. But that’s it. No-one else. Ok?

So this morning we went to Open House at his school and I learned how famous Vince is. His new teachers had already heard about him all summer from his old teachers. Apparently he is popular?

And this makes me laugh as I was low on the list of popular people in high-school.

And now my son, who is two, has a reputation. In daycare.

What? Say what? Saaaaaaayyyy whaaaaaaattt?? (I can see Edward making a face at me for saying that).

Funnily enough I felt quite proud and had to call Edward immediately. We laughed and laughed over the whole thing. A lot. Neither of us had any sort of reputation. And apparently if you combine those two things together, it equals one reputation. Of gargantuan proportions.

Regardless of his reputation, I loved his new teachers. And his new classroom. And his classroom’s pet fish. And his classrooms mini-toilets.

Actually, I loved them the most.

“We encourage potty-training, but we aren’t pushing it. As long as they are interested, we promote it”, his teachers said to me this morning.

Edward, that’s it. I am leaving you and marrying these two ladies. They appear to know EXACTLY what I want.

Friday, which was when I thought this Open House was, we pulled up bright and early to his school. And noticed it was closed. Ack.

As we drove away, Vince cried and screamed “Dis ok. DIS OK!”

To be honest, I was surprised. And happy. I was glad that he was excited to go back to school and excited for his opportunities.

Currently he already knows about 6 letters of the alphabet by sight. And quite a few numbers. He showed me an upside-down ‘L’ the other day and called it ‘7’.

Which, of course, if you think about it is completely correct. Who am I to correct such visual awesomeness. I carefully showed him how it could be both. And now when he encounters that foam letter in the tub, he show and tells me the ‘L’ and ‘7’. I feel pretty amazed.

That little man is ready for school.

I cannot wait for his first day. And also? I can’t wait for his first day. Do you hear the different intonations in those identical phrases?

Can you imagine a happy/sad mask from the Eighties? One that you might have had hanging on your living room wall? Or… more sadly,  in your bedroom?

Regardless, my little man is hitting K2. There will be potty training. And play-dough (yikes). Fake kitchens and pet fish.

Oh. My. God.

And ‘yikes’ and ‘holy crap’ and ‘Jeez’.

and also?

xoxo a.m.

(and I hope you are sending some love my way, as I will need it come Monday)

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One response to “Damn. It.

  1. Fran

    after a little adjustment, he’ll do fine. I think he’s going to love it!

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