Family night out

So Edward, Vince and I decided to check out ‘National Night Out’ this evening. Being as it wasn’t even close to dark, this was a little difficult for Edward to be out and about in. But since, a la True Blood, he has ingested my faerie blood, he is able to handle the day light a lot easier.

What? No, not really. He doesn’t drink my blood on a regular basis. Honestly.

Anyways, neither of us had any idea what it was about. And not only that, but neither of us bothered to find out anything about it. I kept receiving emails from my neighbourhood association about how this event was approaching, none of which had any details. For a while I thought it was a ‘National Coming Out’ and then I was really confused. Then I read the email a little more closely and still had no idea.

And tonight when we went? Neither of us had any idea what we were attending. Actually, we had no idea until I googled it about 5 minutes ago.

Ours had food from Tijuana Flats, a raffle and a few bounce houses. Big high-lights included a hula-hoop contest for the kiddos and, my favorite, sidewalk chalk.

All chalk was confiscated by tweens who used it to write “I *heart* Justin Bieber” all over the sidewalks around our local YMCA (which is where the even was being held).

It made me laugh. Which I did, of course, politely out of sight of those tempestuous tweenies. God forbid we should ignite the ire.

Apparently the Nation Night Out is a marriage of communities and the police officers that protect them (and Target, so whats not to love). It was quite cute. V bounced his face off in the bounce house, we ate some tacos and drank some unsweetened tea and let V run ragged.

No bottoms were spanked (although threats were issued) and we all returned home satisfied and tired.

As this week approaches Wednesday, I feel hesitant regarding the weekend. I am minutes away from signing up for the first 5k that I have ran in about 3 years. It’s a gentle ‘easing in’ process.

I bought new socks. I am stocking up on Coconut water. Edward and V have been advised to cheer me over the finish line. I feel concerned that I won;t be able to make it the whole way? (And by this, I mean, running the whole 5 k with no breaks. Any break will disappoint myself.)

So maybe cheer me on?

It’s the Moss Park Forest 5K

What a peach, eh?

xoxo a.m.

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