Hot Dog

Update: Still no potty action. But that’s OK. And you will see as follows…

It’s ok, because I am slowly succeeding in small steps in other directions. It’s night-time training pants ahoy! And it’s such a big step to get him adjusted to them. Tonight was day 3 of night-time pants. And mostly the reason this has become de rigueur is because we had a series of wet bed nights.

And so we had to take action and that action was rejected. Rejected nightly. And with hearty enthusiasm.

But then last night? Success!!!

Total high-five for Mummy!!

The game plan? Wiggle those pants on those little fighting, chubby little thighs. Distract with intense discussion of Mickey Mouse. Carry squirming child to bathroom and place fat feet on bathroom counter. Stand him up and commence admiration of ‘Big Boy Pants’. And then get a treat.

And yes, that’s right. I do bribe him. And it’s a very successful bribe.

V now knows how to say ‘mirror’. And ‘big boy pants’.

And so? De rigueur.

In other exciting news… Vince has just discovered Mickey Mouse. Now as we reside in Florida, it is really kind of surprising to me that he has just noticed him. We have only been to Disney a million times. I mean, M works there on the weekends for Gosh’s sake.

This actually happened this past weekend and we have been a Mickey Mouse Club House home from then on. Which, to be honest, is an amazing change from reruns of Sesame Street. M and I were quoting and ranking the ones we hated the most. ‘Alphabots’ is right on top. If you watch Sesame Street, you know what I mean.

With each passing day, V’s obsession seems to grow. Last night he dragged me out of another room to dance the ‘Hot Dog’ with him.

And this afternoon? Well, apparently he cried when Daddy didn’t join in and dance with him. I promise to post a video if I can catch this unbelievable act in the process. M dancing is a rare and unseen thing, rare in that I have only seen it once or twice in our whole decade long relationship.

It’s totally an event worth catching on tape.

So Mickey, Big Boy Pants and Daddy dancing to Hot Dog.

That’s the week so far.

And heres the video so you can learn too!

xoxo a.m.

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