So we survived turning 2. Just barely.

Today we finally managed to celebrate properly, with absolutely no puking at all. This, of course, was a super bonus for us parents.

We had the teeniest of teeny parties. Well, it was teeny compared to last years Silver Spurs Arena-sized party. Something I will never ever ever do again. Ever.

Just a few very very close friends and their sweet children. A huge freakin’ cake. A large amount of Sangria. A deliciously warm pool. A BBQ. Oh Lawd. Such a beautiful day.

Did I mention the Sangria?

Thank you so much to all our lovely family/friends that helped us celebrate with no puke at all. Any celebration that involves no puke is pretty much the best celebration ever.

Did I mention that V didn’t eat any cake at all? It’s true. And I am pretty sure that that is to thank for no puke. And this is a wee short post. Just a wee one.

Mostly just a post-party coma blather….

Happy Birthday Vince. Welcome to Two. Daddy and Mummy? Two is welcoming you too… (please pray we survive)

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