Wee fish all in a row


It’s almost time. It’s in 2 days. I am freaking out. And not the same way as last year, because this year is something totally different. It’s called ‘friends’.

And I’m talking about V’s birthday, which is practically right now.

Not only is he going to be two, but he’s in ‘school’ and has ‘school friends’. And those friends equal about 18. And every single time that one of those little people have a birthday, V comes home with a bag of cute party favours.

I had been in the process of talking myself out of doing something like that… And then V came home Friday with a cute bag full of Pirate ‘booty’. Sigh. The pressure is on. I know you think I have a choice. And in some other dimension I do, but not in this particular one. And the other part is that I want to. I want to send home something adorable to the other children in V’s class so they (the parents) will (assumingly) think that Vincent’s Mum is super cool.

And while writing and reading what I just wrote, I realized I am back in high school. Preschool is like high school. In a manner of speaking.

Super popularity contest.

But, at the same time, since I have never really been able to do something like this for a class of children… I feel like I must. Like it’s just the biggest honour to plan things for my little man. Like I MUST show EVERYONE that I am so creative and awesome.

Probably I will get over this by next year. By then, he might be able to request things and not have them simply decided for him.

So he might not have a “No Monkey No Fish” birthday party like his mother has decided for him, because she thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. This party might not be filled with monkeys and fish. Because everyone loves them. I think I am confusing my self with negatives and double negatives.

So last night I painstakingly put together 20 little paper treasure chests filled with goodies for his birthday party on Friday. The Nemo cake has been ordered, party favours complete. Mummy is taking short lunch breaks this week in order to pick that Little man up  early and celebrate proper Italian style.

Which really means just celebrating with some more Italians. At an Italian restaurant. (Which should include red wine, which I will  probably need by the end of the week).

He is 2. Honest to god. Can you believe it? I can’t. Couldn’t you just die?

I have been so giddy this week, like I am going on holiday or something. I have this unreal sense of anticipation. And part of that could be related to M finally being done work for the year and Summer of Dad starting momentarily.Or not.  I have had super energy all week. It’s almost kind of psychotic. I am going to crash so bad one of these nights.

I am trying really hard to not work myself up into a total state like last year. My goal is to not need to go and lie down somewhere quiet during his birthday party like last year.

Hence the super-super low key teeny tiny party we are having this year. TEENY. And TINY. And CALM. I mean ‘calm’. Ah! I mean calm… Ya, that’s much better…

Send me some smooth, cool, sleek vibes for this upcoming weekend. Some calm, all bass with a little bit of sax silk…


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5 responses to “Two

  1. disapointed cousin

    So this one doesn’t involve your cousin feeding your dog cake and fondant?

  2. Mom

    I’ll be over with the “Rescue Relief” spray and just “do” your whole house!
    Hugs…hope it’s lots of fun.

  3. Fran

    he’s going to feel so special at his school birthday party!

  4. Christine

    If you have a kiddie party without goodie bags…people will talk!

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