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To my Mum… for being the best everything. Thank you.

To my Auntie… for being the other best everything. Really you are my other Mum and I feel pretty lucky to have two of you.

To Talia… Welcome to that amazing club that binds us all together. Kiss sweet Daniel for me and give him a little neck snuzzle.

And to all of the other women in my life, whether you are a mother yourself or not… Thank you for being in my life. Whether I talk to you often or not, you all (and you know who you are) are constantly in my thoughts.

So I’m sending the love out there today. Hope you can feel it heading your way…

xoxo a.m. and from Vince as well

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Sweet wee Vincent....

This is just a self-indulgent post about Vincent. Mostly.

Post bath, V climbed up on his bed with his ‘Puppy book’ and said “Mama too? Mama too. Mummy too!” How on earth is one supposed to resist that. Really. Must have a total heart of stone.

Since I am a huge sucker, up I climbed and proceeded to marvel at all of those puppies. Puppies are right at the top of the ‘love’ list at the moment.

While he sat on his bed and turned those pages, my fingers toyed with the most adorable baby curls you have ever seen in your life. Slightly damp from the bath curls. Hair sticking up  all over the place. Sweet little tender neck, smelling like Dove bodywash. Fat little tummy peeking out between diaper and slightly too small pajama top.

While he counted those dogs and giggled and squirmed away from my kisses, I stroked those curls and tickled that fat belly.

And then?

I cried.

And why? Well, one of my favorite ladies in the whole world (and a genetic lady at that). Ok, my sweet cousin. Who might as well be my sister, we are that close (that’s what you do in Canada).

Well, that sweet lady is in labour with her first little boy right now. So while I was driving home this evening, talking to her quickly between contractions. And then while I held on when she told me “Here comes a big one” and it went silent for quite a while. And then, while I was holding, I got all teared up.

The first baby is a special thing for every single woman and man. And looking at my little man and thinking of Tal and Sean embarking on this awesome voyage that is parenthood…

Apparently all I can do is stroke some sweet baby curls, wish I was there to offer my arms to lean on and support and cry just a little bit.

It’s just a little bit, Tal, not a lot.

Love you.

xoxo a.m.


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Cocoa Beach

I was up nice and early with the V-Diddy Sunday morning. And to my surprise, so was Daddy! Usually I let him sleep as he works his second job over Friday and Saturday nights and I want him to get some actual rest on the weekends.

For some reason he was up. I was soon to find out why…. Apparently he had planned that we were hitting up the beach, which was the best plan ever. Haven’t been to the beach in forever and a day.

We live about 45 minutes or so from the East Coast of Florida, which puts us (I guess) in the neighbourhood of Cocoa Beach. We prefer to go elsewhere though. Cocoa is just to dang crowded. And touristy. Last year we found this amazing beach about 4 or 5 miles south of Cocoa, adjacent to the Army base there. Pretty empty, public washrooms, totally pristine. Perfect!

Unbeknownest to me, M had other plans. He had found a ‘historic beach’ near the Space Center and was heading there instead.

I love driving near the Space Center. After years of seeing shuttle launches on the tv and internet, it is pretty amazing to live so near to where it’s all taking place. We drove past the Space Center with M saying “I’m pretty sure I get in there for free with my teacher discount”

Holla!! We are so going.

We were discussing this so animatedly that we (I guess) weren’t paying that much attention to where we were going.

All of a sudden there was a large gun in my line of sight. As I panned up, I encountered a huge name tag that said ‘Woody’.

Woody is the hardiest, oldest soldier with the most no-nonsense tone of voice, kind of like Al Pacino  in Scent of a Woman (except perhaps a little more sassy), that I have ever met. Outside of a film, that is…

So hey, guess what?

We were apparently trying to drive right onto Kennedy Space Center’s grounds. Did you know you can’t do that? Yup. You can’t.

What you can do, however, is get very detailed directions to the nearest beaches (clearly this is something that has happened before  ). And then you can learn that the ‘historic’ beach you are looking for is located behind Bunker 33 and hasn’t been open to the public in about 50 years.


Holy crap, did we ever laugh. Woody laughed briefly and roughly , as if it wasn’t something that he had done recently… if ever.

Thanks Woody for setting us straight. And thanks GPS for taking us to a ‘historic’ beach (what even is that?!). And thanks husband, for having the best idea ever on an early Sunday morning.

Here’s a few pictures of the Little Man at the beach. I wish I had been able to catch him saying the word ‘beach’. It does, as I am sure you parents can imagine, sound a little different coming from his mouth.

But it’s the cutest thing ever to hear the chant of “Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach” coming from the back seat. “Cocoa Beach” interspersed with “Water? Beach! Water!”

xoxo j


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It’s always interesting when you learn things about yourself through your spouse and children. Isn’t it?

The last time my Mum was visiting, she revealed to M that I had always had this funny obsession with pre-planning my meals. When I was little, I would literally eat dinner and plan the next meal while swallowing. and saying things like “This is delicious, but you know what would be awesome next time?”

M laughed so hard when my mother shared that lovely little family tid-bit with him.  I don’t think it was much of a surprise to him though, but apparently quite funny. We all know I have my little quirks. (If you aren’t familiar with them, they are as follows: cleaning too much, too much planning, poor arguing skills [quite embarrassing actually], making lists, making lists of the lists I have just made… obsess much?)

M has now started saying things to me at 6:30 am like “Jame, I really can’t even think about food right now” “Jame, I’m eating eggs, can we not discuss dinner?” “Jame. Jaaaaaaaaaame. Stop.” “Jame, takeout?” Me: “Ok! But what kind of takeout? How do you feel about Thai?” etc etc.

I have stopped talking about it which, I admit, is really hard for me. I need to talk about dinner with someone. Anyone. Ok, I can think of at least 1 person I would never discuss it with, probably because I would only hear about all of the dinners she has made for the past 25 years and their pros and cons. Ah!! Makes me crazy.


So last week, during one of my spin class nights, M put V to bed. This time he climbed in with him. We are about 2 or 3 weeks in to “big boy bed” territory. This means that every night is an adventure. Usually we try to lie in bed with him for a few minutes before ‘night nights’. He has taken to saying to me “Mumma too? Mumma too?!?!” when we head to bed, wanting me to lie with him. If he would not wiggle,I would probably be sleeping there every single night.

Alas, he wiggles. Too much energy. Can’t keep himself still. Even during sleep.

That particular night, he elected to try a new approach to bedtime. No books, he just crawled into bed and told him stories. And apparently they “had a chat”. Per Daddy.

I guess during that chat, V started chatting back. And apparently this is what he said:





“Cheese?” “Juice?” “Milk?”

He was planning breakfast.

It warmed my heart to hear it. After almost 2 years of looking at my little man and seeing pretty much nothing that reflected me (just a clone of Daddy), my genetic code is showing!

Yes child, plan your breakfasts, just like your Mumma… I will always, with love, support your planning…

xoxo Mumma (and a.m.)

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