So the family hit up the beach a few weeks ago. We drove out to our ‘secret spot’, which is basically 4 or 5 miles South of Cocoa beach.That’s all of the details you will get regarding that location. No lifeguards. No crowds. Clean water, clean sand and it was really nice and empty.

M and I were more prepared this time. We brought an umbrella. And also more than one towel. AND I actually brought a bathing suit this time instead of impromptly stripping down to my bra like last time.

Oh how I love the beach. Being a West Coast girl and all, it has always been a part of my life and that is something that needs to be part of V’s roots too. Even if we have to drive for an hour to get to one, it will be part of him.

And the beach has been more and more on my mind since Vince’s second birthday is rapidly approaching. I have been having all of these awesome childhood memories of hours and hours spent at the beach when my cousins and I were little. Up and down Qualicum and Nanaimo’s sandy beaches. Imagined treasure hunting. Endless shell collecting. Those huge buckets of itty bitty crabs that we used to catch.

The sand castles with moats and water canals and sandy traps filled with said bucket of baby crabs.

So these are the things I imagine for V when we go.

But the South Florida beaches are not exactly a habitat for crabs. At least not the ones that I have been to. And the sand is different. And there is less seaweed. And no driftwood. The no driftwood part is odd. Beaches need to have above the high-tide area marked with ginormous, water-worn logs with gnarly, smooth, water-polished roots jutting haphazardly into the sand and sky.

Otherwise it just isn’t a proper beach. It’s a naked, boring vanilla beach.

I shouldn’t complain too much though, it’s not like it’s torture to go to a Florida beach. It’s still lovely. And V loves it so much. It might actually have bypassed the awesomeness of the pool at Sassy and PopPop’s house. ‘Might’

V runs like a crazy man directly into the surf. No fear at all with the beach. He acts like it’s his home. And this comfort with the beach makes me laugh because take him to a water park?? Totally scared.

This clearly illustrates to me that he is not comfortable with tourist trappings and revels in the beautiful sanctity of nature.

That’s my boy. You may be a physical clone of your father, but parts of me surface from time to time. All the good parts. Not that I have any bad parts. I’m just too perfect.

And it looks like V is following in his mother’s footsteps… Straight to the beach darling, straight to the water my surfer boy in training, straight to the coast my sweets… Salt water is in your blood…

Sandy back and lightly shadowed skin makes me want to kiss you sweetly...

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