I ended up with the crap part of the weekend. The serious crap part of it.

It involves a razor-sore throat, a fever and mega-exhaustion. And some popping ears. Any diagnosis my fellow ENT workers? I know I have a few thoughts regarding my condition. One of which is “Oh! Jeff is working at my office tomorrow! I think I’ll ‘schedule an appointment’ with him”.

I had such high hopes for this weekend too. I was going to get up super early on Saturday and squeeze in 3 miles before the family woke up. And then get my hair cut. And then go girlie clothes shopping with El Prima. How nice does this all sounds? And you know there would totally be an awesome Coke slurpee in that mix.

Well, no. Not at all.

Instead, there was a a sweaty-fever-filled night, followed by an early morning and then a 5 hour nap.

And then the rest of the day was a sort of sweaty blur.

And then I watched Buffy for 3 hours. And then I went to sleep.

I woke up this morning, slightly less sweaty and gross than the night previous, with my ears ringing with my husband saying “Do not even THINK about going running”. So instead, V and I went and got donuts, a (toy) school bus and a new dress. And then, when we got home, Mtook Little Man off to his parents house for hours while I attempted to gain both vision and balance back.

They didn’t come home until almost 5 pm.

And since I am the worse invalid ever, lets just say that my bathroom is almost completely painted. Seriously, my body cannot physically stand doing nothing. Inactivity makes me crazy.

And now, as I attempt to stay up later than I ever have in the last 5 years and watch the finale of LOST, the sickness and tiredness is hitting me up.

That plus the ever waking Little Man (who has literally been up 5 times this evening). Lost plus Sleep-interceptor equals awesome sickness weekend!!!

So I guess we will see. Can I stay up until 11:30 to finish it? Well V wake up again?  Will I survive work tomorrow? Will I need a Dunkachino in order to survive? What will happen on Lost? Will I even remember enough to discuss it with anyone?


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