Rejuvenation continues.

Things I have forgotten to mention in the last few months.

Crochet and I are on the outs. We are having a huge fight right now and it has been relegated to the bottom drawer in my closet.

What’s in my pants these days?? Painting my bathroom. Painting my house. Painting in general.

As for my rejuvenation project? It is going well. Spin class and I? So good. And spinning as totally amped up my conditioning. I can easily run 3 miles and all of this exercise has encouraged M to get back on the exercise wagon. We are planning to do some short competitive runs in the next few months.

Work is work. You know how it is. Hoping for more, hopefully it will get there, but will manage with where I am for now.

M is working like a crazy beast, 2 jobs, too many projects and not enough spare time. And so this is why I love Daddy and V time. It’s just the perfect thing to offset all of that time when he doesn’t have enough.

And the Little Man? Finally on the up and up. Although one would never even know that he was sick, even when he was sick. Because of all of the wonderful mini-nosebleeds that he has been having, his Dr has ordered and Xray, which we are scheduled to have in the next few weeks.

Scheduling that was rather interesting. I am on first name basis with the head of Florida Hospital’s scheduling department and that is who I went straight to.

Middle of the conversation:

FH: The xray will take about 15 minutes. Do you think he can sit still for that long?

AM: Um. Well, I have seen him sit still before. Not often, but it has happened.

FH: Hahahahaha.

AM: Haha… Ya.

So, this will be another experience.

Bit of a ramble tonight, eh? Just an update. Just a ‘heads up’. Just a wee blather, eh? Eh?

xoxo a.m.

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